Story Time!

So I met Dan and Phil at Playlist Live Orlando with @princessjgroff and @pirateprincess6 on Saturday. I moved across the country for college and left my best friend behind. I know that she loves these guys and she absolutely LOVES socks. So princessjgroff told me I should ask Phil if I could take a picture of his socks. We showed up late to the meet and greet and were within the last 50 or so people to meet them out of several hundred people.

The girl (a complete stranger) before me wanted me to take a group picture of her and her friend with Dan and Phil on her phone, so I did. She took her phone back from me and turned to leave, so I started walking up to meet Dan and Phil. Well she wanted another hug from the guys and totally ran up to hug them again as Dan and were getting ready to hug. It all of us in an awkward situation.

So I hugged them both and asked how they were doing. I didn’t have anything for them to sign so I started to tell them how my best friend couldn’t be there and how she loves socks. I asked Phil if I could take a picture of his socks and he fucking lifted of his pant legs for me to take a picture.

The best part of this was that Dan seemed slightly insulted that I didn’t want a picture of his socks. He told me that he was wearing minion socks and that I should get a picture of them too. So he bends down to untie his shoe and pulled his pant leg free of his shoe as I’m taking a picture of Phil’s socks. He lifted of his pant leg and was really confused as to why his sock was only black material until he realized the minion was on the toe of his sock. He actually contemplated taking off his fucking shoe to show me before he decided that it would be weird.

I talked quietly enough that nobody else knew what was happening. Only princessjgroff and pirateprincess6 knew what was happening. That just seemed to make everything funnier.

Credit to @pirateprincess6 for taking the pics of me with Dan and Phil