Prepping for Calendar 2018

It’s a lovely sunny Sunday here in Auckland and I’m feeling inspired enough to play around with ideas for the 2018 calendar design. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with gouache this year so I’ll be using that along with watercolour, so at least I have that sorted! 

Which layout do you like more? June or November? 

hakkinaki  asked:

i've been looking back on ur pixie au thing and i started having ideas of a fairy au based on the pixie thing... the worst part is that i was thinking about the plotline in the actual anime and how things would play in a fairy au until 1am kill me,,

good gods. first of all ARE YOU OKAY FRIEND, DID YOU GET YOUR REST? why would you afflict yourself with so much suffering that late at night (ignore my hypocrisy tho)
but i had the time of my life coming up with different scenarios that could happen this way. i didn’t have time to draw them because fam drama but there were some i plan to sketch later anyway.

i did play around with one idea though. with the design for pixie!Inaho he’s not exactly blind in his eye, it’s just part of his design that he’s got that eye glass thing, so i wondered what he could lose during the war instead. what can a fairy even lose? and then it hit me.

it was so simple all along. he makes himself a mechanical wing once he’s healed so he can join the battle again
(feel free to tell me just how bad i am at mechanical stuff pff)

also, pixie!AU belongs to @kataphraktanna i’m just an artist mooching off her creativity

Leroux Christine: Walking Dress

So, as many of you know, I’ve been playing around with the idea of designing a wardrobe for Leroux Christine and I finally got around to coloring the first piece I did. 

Emerald green and navy blue silk satin trimmed in black velvet ribbon, white lace and black appliqués with a slight rucheing on the sleeves.

I’m picturing this one as the dress she eventually changes into after Erik brings her to his home. Assuming he chose the dress, I figured he’d go with something really nice (because 20,00 francs a month) and jewel tones (because everyone loves jewel tones). I was thinking about having this be the dress she wears in the carriage, but I also really want her to literally be in a different costume every time we see her. 

Because it’s awesome that’s why.

Please do NOT repost my work anywhere.