As if it wasn’t bad enough you manipulated anytime you were given the chance, you’d act like you weren’t aware you were doing it in the first place. Always playing the victim.

I think that we all need to chill

OK, so, I haven’t posted anything about the hate, because it exhausts me. But  I felt the need to do it again. Both fandoms are having issues, and they need to be addressed. 
The WestAllen fandom: Calling any and everyone racist simply because they don’t like the same ship/character that you do. That’s not okay, friends. 
The Snowbarry fandom: Being incredibly uncivil to those WA shippers who aren’t actually being horrible. That needs to stop. 
The WestAllen fandom: Not getting the difference between search and tags. we aren’t constantly invading your tags. Calm yourself.
 The Snowbarry fandom: Being unnecessarily rude to WA shippers, just cause there are bad apples in their fandom. Not everyone is awful
BOTH fandoms: Playing the victim. Just stop.
Both fandoms: Acting like you’re perfect little snowflakes, because you’re not. 
But, let me add here that not everyone does these things. I know that everyone is different. But these are some things that I’ve noticed are major problems.  Thanks for reading! 

academyofbrokenhearts  asked:

I have a friend who assured me that I am going to love Regina as time passes, as she will change and become good. I am at the third season currently and I not any closer of loving Regina than I was at the beginning. Sure, I like her as a villain, but she is absolutely insufferable whenever she plays the victim part. I suspect this is only going to get worse in the future.

Whoa, you’re in the third season and already sick and tired of her calling herself a victim? I hate to break it to you, but it’s definitely only going to get worse! The hypocrisy, self-pity, and victim blaming are only going to get worse. Luckily, there are plenty of others who feel the same way–feel free to come back here and vent if need be! :-)

anonymous asked:

what about SQ makes you upset or not like it? i mean okay so i'm a CS shipper (they're so cute!) but i appreciate SQ bc after all they both have had one of the biggest relationship development in the show.

Well, lets start by saying that generally speaking I love Emma and Regina’s friendship. But I do have some problems and they are increasing lately.

First of all what bothers me most is what happens with Killian in the episodes that are Emma and Regina centric. They systematically cancel him in these episodes, so even if I could enjoy Emma and Regina being friends, I just can’t when they deliberately make him go away (the writers).

Now, my other problem is with the status of Emma and Regina within this friendship. Somehow Regina is always playing the victim, and using vulgarity to prove her point, while Emma always ends up feeling guilty (when she shouldn’t) and apologizing. 

I know this isn’t real life, but usually whenever I had these kind of friendships where I felt like I should always defend myself and explain myself, it never ended well.

Also, pay notice that although they are very close Emma never really confines in her. Reviling her soul is something that she has only with her true best friend Killian.    

anonymous asked:

i'm currently struggling with getting clean & i've been by myself for the past few days and i'm really tempted to use again (oxycodone, hydros) after being clean for a month. i can't shake the feeling & it helps just to talk about it but my friends either tell me to use again or to stop playing the victim & my family doesn't know. last night i had an acid flashback & started panicking. i've been scrolling through your account & it's really helping me feel better. thank you!

Smh, I’m sorry your friends aren’t being supportive. You’re absolutely right though - it’s the best to talk about it. Have you thought about going to meetings? An addict alone is in bad company …. You can always message me as well. I believe in you, and I’m so glad my blog helped…that made my whole year!!!

Ps: opiates were my drug of choice too, and this feeling is going to pass. The mental withdrawals last longer than the physical ones, but I promise it’ll pass!

anonymous asked:

Don't play the victim if you're going to threaten to kill people you fucking psycho. Nobody gives a fuck what color your skin is now get over yourself

You fucking neurotypical. Who said anything about victims not retaliation? Please drink acid in shots.

Good Evenin’, Ladies an’ Germs!

An’ welcome to the grand openin’ of my new blog! I heard that Tumblrs were all the rage with the younger Gothamites, and when I found out that all the other Rogues had them, I just had to catch up.

Here’s the thing, though - because I’m a little late to the party, I don’t quite know who t’introduce myself to. I don’t wanna make any faux passes - it’d be a real shame to ruin my standin’ in the community before I get to play with a single victim new friend.

So, if yer the kinda person who likes to socialise wi’ sociopaths, I’m ready when you are. Hit dat heart or punch the reblog button until I deign to turn my attention to ya.

(I.E., like for a starter.)

Victim Blaming 2.0

Dear Tumblr,

I received an ask about this, so here we go. 

Things that ARE victim blaming:

- “its your fault”

- “how could you do this to me/us”

- “You brought this on yourself by doing [x]”

- punishing the victim for being a victim

Things that are NOT victim blaming:

- safety tips for preventing a crime (this includes lists of areas and activities to avoid/take a friend if you’re going there)

- teaching self defense or encouraging the teaching of self defense

- requiring proof of a crime in order to prosecute

- doubting a crime was committed in the absence of evidence

- being angry at being lied to

There is a massive difference between being a victim and playing the victim. Telling you to watch out for yourself, or ignoring the claims of a proven liar, is not victim blaming. You cannot victim blame someone who is not a victim. 


When You Try and Bring Up Hurtful or Abusive Behaviour, Do They Immediately Turn It Around and Play the Victim?

Gaslighting Is a Common Victim-Blaming Abuse Tactic – Here Are 4 Ways to Recognize It in Your Life by Kris Nelson

Another way to manipulate someone into thinking that they’re not experiencing harm or abuse is to constantly turn the conversation towards the abuser, making it seem like you are doing harm by even bringing up what’s hurting you.

If someone in your life cannot (or will not) let you speak to your experiences, and instead insists on turning it into a conversation about themselves, the conversation is not a healthy one.

Some red flag phrases for this tactic are:

“You always make me out to be the bad guy.”

“Constantly bringing stuff like this up makes me feel bad/is hurtful to me.”

“I’m actually the one hurting.”

“You don’t know what abuse is. Saying that I’m abusive is hurtful to me.”

“Pretending I’m hurtful/abusive makes you the bully.”

If these phrases are a constant in your life, if you feel like you’ve been conditioned into mistrusting your own memories and experiences, you have most likely been the victim of gaslighting.