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Ever tried shutting the fuck up? Seriously bitch. You're the reason no one bothers curing cancer. Cunts like you need to burn instead of craving attention all day and playing the victim. Bye now I have no time in my precious life for a bitch like you

My mother always said I was good at playing the victim.

As if it was a costume.

Something I tried on one day and decided I couldn’t part with.

Perhaps she thought I liked the way it fit.

So snug on my body, perfectly clinging to each of my curves.

The curves that would often invite the trouble she so often claimed I provoked.

She’s wrong.

I have been ripping at this fabric since I first noticed its influence.

I’ve been clawing at it.

Rather pull myself apart than wear that costume one more day.

Emerge from the shell reborn and indestructible.

Over time I grew resilient.

More alert, more angry.

And as I grew the cloth began to rip at the seams.

Giving way to what I had become.

The body is still mine but there is no victim here.

Just me and the armor I’ve begun to don instead.

I’ll face hardship, but it will never do me in.

Like a snake I rejoice in the loss of my skin.  

- s.z (Costuming)

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"Playing the victim" NO we are the victim to a society who fucking wants us dead. Fuck that other anon and fuck everyone else! Fuck skinny people for saying we don't get to be angry IM ANGRY YOU FUCKERS!!!!

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If Getter didn't like who you are and kept trying to "fix" you, why did he want to date you in the first place? Do you know?

“Looking back, I think he knew how desperate and naive I was, and saw me as someone he could easily manipulate and bully into being whatever he wanted.”

“But of course. if you heard him tell it, he’d probably say he took pity on me, and genuinely thought he was doing me a favor by ‘elevating my social status’. And that I should be grateful for all the things he did for me - that technically, I should owe him for everything he did, but he’s that nice not to ‘collect’ on it.”

“Narcissists like him are great at playing the victim of their own good intentions.”

  • Me:police brutality is a problem that needs to be solved
  • YT person:All lives Matter. Besides what about black on black crime??
  • Me:well what about white on white crime?
  • YT Person:don't make this about race!
  • Me:but you just made it about race when you said black on black crime.... i mean you have to see the irony?
  • YT person:black people always want to play the victim.
  • Me:........

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yeah cause it makes it totally fine to shit on others for being themselves. You're just as bad as fat shamers, playing the victim cause you're fat doesn't excuse being shitty.

anyways skinny people are shit and this is why

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The person oppressed me, victim-blamed me and shoved my worst trigger down my throat repeatedly. They acted like a first-class abuser and were very toxic and always yelled at me when I pointed it out (like any true abuser would to stay the innocent party). It was just horrible. I blocked them and in response, they threw multiple fits and plays the victim now and sadly, it works The person is just the worst manipulator and has hurt me so deeply and I can't just forget it. I wish they suffered too

When it comes to this situation, you are seeing it from a survival mentality instead of a thriving mentality. Understandable, but that is not your only option. Nor is it your best option.

Decide right now that you will thrive despite this situation. There’s a quote that goes something like “To heal a wound, stop picking at it.”

The survival perspective causes you to think making them suffer will make you prosper. It won’t though, and it will definitely make you suffer.

What you send out comes back to you.

What you send out comes back to you.

What you send out comes back to you.

Want them to suffer?

Then you will continue to suffer, literally. Just like you are suffering now…or even worse.

You’ll stay stuck in the survival mentality, for as long as you focus on causing them to suffer. You’ll keep picking at the wound, and it will never heal. Your belief that they are responsible for how you feel is what will keep attracting that reality into your life.

Stop talking so much about the problem. Talking about it causes you to keep picking at it. Your attention on it keeps negativity in your vibes every day. What you send out comes back. This is all about YOUR MINDSET, YOUR MENTALITY.

YOUR actions will respond from there.

What YOU focus on expands.

When you switch your mindset, and when you change your mindset…you will be paid back in positive ways massively beyond your wildest expectations.

You are only limited by your own thinking about the situation. It’s not their fault that you think about the situation the way that you do. It’s not the other persons fault that you are giving your power away to them. It’s not their fault that you continue to send out the same vibes that you are blaming them for.

YOU are responsible for that. So take responsibility for that and get your power back.

Zig Ziglar used to say that:

“YOU are the most INFLUENTIAL person that you will talk to all day.”

Your thoughts represent what you send out, and what you send out comes back to you.

“Ignore the destructive criticisms of people who want to drag you down, and receive the love, encouragement, and respect of those who want to lift you up.”

Apparently this person wants to drag you down…ignore their attempts.

When someone does you wrong, like in this situation, don’t worry about it. I say “God”, you might believe something different…but I believe God can do all things and can send more good to you than this person has done bad to you. Your job is to work on your mentality and have belief so that you are in the same vibes as the GOOD that can be sent to you.

This person doesn’t create the good that comes to you, or the healing, God does that and you collaborate (in my opinion). So why keep the perspective that this other person is in control of how you feel?

When you talk, you give life-momentum-attention-energy-and focus to whatever you are talking about.

Think about that.

They’re trying to drag you down. They are doing the same thing to you that you are wanting to do to them…and you don’t even know it. You can’t draw good to YOU by doing bad to them.

They’re having some kind of problem, and they either consciously or unconsciously trying to drag you down in order to feel better…but YOU are the one letting them.

That’s one reason for the LOA 7 Day Experiment:

If what you talk about, and what you focus on, could change your situation, what would you talk about?

If you felt free and like you had your power back, what would you talk about?

If you had attracted more people in your life that loved to lift you up, what would you talk about?

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As far as I know, I was never physically or sexually abused in any way as a kid, but I did learn about sex on my own at a very young age. (I was a "gifted" kid and loved nature documentaries mostly.) I understood the idea of sex being forced, and I secretly had rape fantasies even before puberty. Mostly it was "monsters" and there was focus on someone saving me, but in my mind I played the role of both victim and savior. I feel like a victim without any villain to point to.

Such fantasies are completely normal, as is sexual exploration by young children through imagination and the like. There doesn’t need to be any villain in your past for this sort of thing to appeal to your younger or current self.

Victim Blaming 2.0

Dear Tumblr,

I received an ask about this, so here we go. 

Things that ARE victim blaming:

- “its your fault”

- “how could you do this to me/us”

- “You brought this on yourself by doing [x]”

- punishing the victim for being a victim

Things that are NOT victim blaming:

- safety tips for preventing a crime (this includes lists of areas and activities to avoid/take a friend if you’re going there)

- teaching self defense or encouraging the teaching of self defense

- requiring proof of a crime in order to prosecute

- doubting a crime was committed in the absence of evidence

- being angry at being lied to

There is a massive difference between being a victim and playing the victim. Telling you to watch out for yourself, or ignoring the claims of a proven liar, is not victim blaming. You cannot victim blame someone who is not a victim. 


When You Try and Bring Up Hurtful or Abusive Behaviour, Do They Immediately Turn It Around and Play the Victim?

Gaslighting Is a Common Victim-Blaming Abuse Tactic – Here Are 4 Ways to Recognize It in Your Life by Kris Nelson

Another way to manipulate someone into thinking that they’re not experiencing harm or abuse is to constantly turn the conversation towards the abuser, making it seem like you are doing harm by even bringing up what’s hurting you.

If someone in your life cannot (or will not) let you speak to your experiences, and instead insists on turning it into a conversation about themselves, the conversation is not a healthy one.

Some red flag phrases for this tactic are:

“You always make me out to be the bad guy.”

“Constantly bringing stuff like this up makes me feel bad/is hurtful to me.”

“I’m actually the one hurting.”

“You don’t know what abuse is. Saying that I’m abusive is hurtful to me.”

“Pretending I’m hurtful/abusive makes you the bully.”

If these phrases are a constant in your life, if you feel like you’ve been conditioned into mistrusting your own memories and experiences, you have most likely been the victim of gaslighting.