Player Highlights : Series Leaders

In tonight’s games you may want to keep your eyes peeled for these players. They have already started making an impression in the series by leading either goals, points or GAA.

Wild vs. Blues

Jason Pominville and Devan Dubnyk for the Minnesota Wild are this series leaders so far. 

Pominville : Right Wing

  • G: 1
  • A: 1
  • PTS: 2

Dubnyk : Goalie

  • GAA: 2.00
  • SV%: .905

Ducks vs. Jets

Corey Perry and Frederik Andersen for the Anaheim Ducks are the series leaders so far.

Perry : Right Wing

  • G: 2
  • A: 2
  • PTS: 4

Andersen : Goalie

  • GAA: 2.00
  • SV%: .926

Lightning vs. Red Wings

Pavel Datsyuk and Petr Mrazek for the Detroit Red Wings are the series leaders so far.

Datsyuk : Center

  • G: 2
  • A: 0
  • PTS: 2

Mrazek : Goalie

  • GAA: 2.00
  • SV%: .957

Rangers vs. Penguins

Ryan McDonagh and Henrik Lundqvist for the New York Rangers are the series leaders so far.

McDonagh : Defenseman

  • G: 1
  • A: 0
  • PTS: 1

Lundqvist : Goalie

  • GAA: 1.00
  • SV%: .960

this dickbag at work today was like “u probably only like football bc u think the players are hot right haha :)” and i was like ok but….have you seen my favorite player……..hes 31, lost his hair in his mid 20s and looks almost 50?? Tell me again how i only care about their looks??? That’s shallow af, I hate people making fun of players for their looks but its true like…. 

Honestly it’s 2015 why is there still a stigma that girls cant like sports? I can name more footballers, their teams AND their stats for this season and last season than most guys at work can name baseball players yet I get criticized that I only like them based on looks? I spend so much time researching players and watching game highlights before every game, but my dedication and passion is spurned bc im just a ~ ditsy girl(: ~ w/e shit gets me so heated



“Ballplayers will continually hear the maxim that they must “respect the game”—when a player is seen as having a little too much fun or flashing a little too much style, he is held in contempt of the game of baseball, which has had an enduringly a delicate constitution.  It’s a tuck your pinkie on your tea-cup kind of game spirited by players socialized to heightened levels of sensitivity over breaches of etiquette.  When ballplayers watch highlights of players hitting homeruns or notching big strikeouts, we are obsessively attuned to the post-feat production like judges of gymnastics floor exercises.  “oooh, he kinda flipped his bat a little too far there”  –“did he kiss his bicep?”—(bench player leaves the dugout to go to the video room to confirm—negative).  Meanwhile in the 20th century, a power-forward stylishly dunked-on shakes it off; the opposing player’s scrotum whipped his nose with such verve that his eyes watered.  He quickly gathers his pride on his back under the basket while the offender stands over him preening for the crowd doing a Wolverine impression, roaring and flexing his muscles—there will be no “crazy hard, spalding written on your ass boonks” (RIP FLIP/Bernie).  Our hero gets up, in-bounds the ball and continues playing basketball.  JJ Watt does whatever the season’s Dougie is after his sacks and back when Tiger Woods still did Ecstacy, his putting green fistpumping made baseball players look like senior tour golfers.”

Johnny Stephene, Ball Handling Trainer to The Stars

Johnny Stephene, Ball Handling Trainer to The Stars

Courtesy of SLAM

Today is the official start of the The National Basketball Association playoffs and along with highlighting players, L’union Suite is paying homage to the behind the scences people who prepare the athletes for their games like Haitian-American trainer Johnny Stephene.

Johnny who’s located in South Florida is an elite basketball trainer to several NBA all-stars such as Kevin…

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Eurosport has sent me going on 40 copies of the same email entitled ‘Eurosport Player Highlights’ since 10 this morning.

Eurosport r u ok

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W1D3: Fun and Games

Yet again, had a lot of fun today. Getting to this late because I got a little distracted by the bonus exercises, in particular the Eight Queens problem.

Started off with another great lecture which covered a bunch of stuff, but what stuck with me most was the explanation of blocks, procs and lambdas. Before they seemed like vaguely mysterious black boxes, but after today I fully understand their syntax and what they do. It’s great learning more day-by-day. 

For the first project, a command-line clone of the game Mastermind, Maxim and I made a lot of progress quickly early on, but got stuck for a good while in just a couple of places. In future we should be much quicker to ask for TA help, though we did finish the functionality for each program in the end.

The second program, Hangman, feels like one of the cooler things we’ve made so far. Having an identical API for the Computer player and the Human player really highlighted what proper decoupling should achieve. Writing the Hangman AI in the last hour was really fun. Creating small methods to filter the word list, to count how many times each letter appeared in the word list, and to select the most common letter from that word list meant that what we had at the end was some very clear, though not yet perfect, code, again emphasising the benefits of good style.

anonymous asked:

2 things. 1) Maybe you can highlight players that we never really hear about. Like, their strengths/weaknesses. If you going to be doing weekly videos, you can highlight 2-3 players from one team and the next week another 2-3 from a different team. I don't know much about the other Wo-So players who don't play on the NT, so that'd definitely be something I'd like to watch. 2) What kind of audio issues are you having? Maybe we can help. :)

Yeah I wish that’d work but none of that will. Not even if I had the most adored, overly obsessed with player in the game, Ali Krieger, as a guest that wouldnt work. I know what my audio issue is and you guys can’t help.

My issue is the perception everyone here has had of me since day one and that’ll never change. That’s the real issue. This isn’t me. I’m not supposed to be here and I never was. I thought that I could find what I’ve been looking for by being involved here and I couldn’t. I know I’m good at this and everything points to that I am. It didn’t and still doesn’t matter because I actually thought people enjoyed my stuff and I don’t know what made me think that they did or that I was appreciated or belonged here.

The highlight of tonight was the Basketball Banquet🏀 It’s been a great four years with these wonderful ladies!!! It’s been a huge honor to work with Coach Hembree over the past years ❤️ and to meet wonderful people in this program both basketball players and coaches. 🙌🏽 Also highlight of the day was receiving my cap and gown! 🎓 #ScholarAthlete #StateRunnerUp #Varsity #Manager #Glass #GreatTimes #NHS #Awards #SeniorYear #Memories #ThankYou

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MLB 15 The Show Roster Update: Kris Bryant Finally Added

San Diego Studios had their weekly roster update Monday morning, which included new players added and transaction highlights.  See below for all of the updates:

Schugel_AJ ARI 6
Tomas_Yasmany ARI 10
Marimon_SugarRay ATL 12
Gamboa_Eddie BAL 7
Bryant_Kris CHC 6
Skipworth_Kyle CIN 6
Marcum_Shaun CLE 6
Oberg_Scott COL 6
Wilk_Adam LAA 6
Urena_Jose MIA 11
Muno_Danny NYM 6
Davies_Kyle NYY 6
Pinder_Brandon NYY 6
Tracy_Matt NYY 6
Rearick_Chris SDG 6
Easley_Ed STL 6
Martin_Rafael WAS 8
Rivero_Felipe WAS 12

CP Koji Uehara moved from Red Sox Minors to Red Sox Closer.
RP Edward Mujica moved from Red Sox Closer to Red Sox Relief.
RP Jose Dominguez moved from Rays Minors to Rays Relief.
RP Kirby Yates moved from Rays Relief to Rays Minors.
C Yan Gomes moved from Indians Position to Indians Minors.
C Roberto Perez moved from Indians Bench to Indians Position.
LF Terrance Gore moved from Royals Minors to Royals Bench.
RF Jarrod Dyson moved from Royals Bench to Royals Position.
RF Alex Rios moved from Royals Position to Royals Minors.
SP Garrett Richards moved from Angels Minors to Angels Starting.
RF Josh Red**** moved from A’s Minors to A’s Position.
LF Ryan Rua moved from Rangers Position to Rangers Minors.
SP Derek Holland moved from Rangers Starting to Rangers Minors.
RP Tanner Scheppers moved from Rangers Minors to Rangers Relief.
SP Henderson Alvarez moved from Marlins Starting to Marlins Minors.
SP David Phelps moved from Marlins Relief to Marlins Starting.
RF Jayson Werth moved from Nationals Minors to Nationals Position.
3B David Wright moved from Mets Position to Mets Minors.
3B Eric Campbell moved from Mets Minors to Mets Position.
2B Tommy LaStella moved from Cubs Position to Cubs Minors.
CF Carlos Gomez moved from Brewers Position to Brewers Minors.
LF Ender Inciarte moved from D’backs Bench to D’backs Position.
LF David Peralta moved from D’backs Position to D’backs Bench.
CP Adam Ottavino moved from Rockies Relief to Rockies Closer.

The big news, however, is that the newly called up rookie sensation, Kris Bryant, has finally been added to the online rosters.  This means Bryant can now be used for online rated games, as well as, be used in Diamond Dynasty.   Kris Bryant will start the season at an 81 overall, ranking him 11th overall at his position. Here is a look at his player card, along with his attributes:

The addition of Bryant also means that he will now be playable in Diamond Dynasty and be a part of the Cubs’ collection in order to get Ernie Banks.  Bryant was already going for 25k this afternoon on the market, but that price will surely drop once people acquire him through packs.  It may be a smart investment to stockpile a few of these cards as SDS will be upgrading players throughout the season.  Here is a look at the market from earlier today:

As for the Cubs, they now have a legitimate clean up hitter in their lineup. They move to 20th overall for online rated and are now ranked 17th in contact and 14th in power, respectively.

The Play, Playfulness, and the Players

One highlight of this reading was the inclusion of relational maintenance. 
There are five routines that make up this concept:
1. Positivity   - Being cheerful and having a good, optimistic view. 
2. Openness - This is being open about your relationship and yourself. 
3. Assurances - Commitment to your relationship as well as your partner
4. Social Networks - Depending on mutual friends and relationships
5. Sharing Tasks - Dividing responsibility between the two people in the relationship. 

Meta communication- Communication about communication. 

Everyone loves players with game-breaking skills. Whether it’s an offensive player who can make things happen with the ball, or a dynamic defensive player that terrorizes offenses, there’s no disputing the value of an exciting player.

This mock draft will focus on the most exciting players projected to go in the first round. The featured players’ names are highlighted in the table below. 

Vic Beasley

At 6'3" 246 pounds, Vic Beasley has exceptional speed for a linebacker/defensive end prospect. His 4.53 40-yard-dash time showed off his quickness. In addition to the speed, Beasley notched a 41-inch vertical jump at the NFL combine as well.

There should be no concern about Beasley’s strength. He hit an impressive 35 reps in the bench press. How do all these metrics translate to the field. He had 33 sacks over his four-year career with the Clemson Tigers.

There’s no questioning Beasley is one of the most dynamic defensive prospects in the draft.

Todd Gurley

There are few running backs in the draft that are as versatile and athletic as the Georgia Bulldogs’ Todd Gurley. At 6'1" 222 pounds, Gurley has ideal size for a running back in the NFL. Gurley’s recovery from an ACL injury kept him from performing at the NFL combine, but his game action suggests that he is a next-level athlete.

You can see some similarities to the Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson in his stride and power.

Gurley averaged 6.4 yards per carry in three seasons at Georgia and even returned a kickoff for a touchdown. The injury is a major concern for Gurley, but’s Ian Rapoport recently reported that the running back checked out medically.

That could lead to a late rise on draft boards.

Marcus Mariota

Usually the most athletic quarterback in the draft is not near the top of the rankings for his position. That is the case this year as 2014 Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota brings elite speed to his overall package as a signal-caller.

Mariota showed off speed at the combine with a 4.52 40-yard-dash. At 6'4" 222 pounds, that’s even more impressive. In 2014, Mariota rushed for 15 touchdowns. He also had 11 runs for 20-plus yards. 

What he’s able to do with his arm will undoubtedly have the most impact on his career, but Mariota’s legs should prove to be a dangerous weapon in the NFL as well.

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