Playboy Club


Blondie’s Debbie Harry had worked as a waitress before working at Playboy. “Being a Bunny involved a rare combination for a woman in the workplace,” she says. “It was an unusual perception of women that they could be beautiful, feminine and very sexy, and at the same time ambitious and intelligent. At Playboy, those women had a place where they could use those attributes to make money — and also be really valued as employees. Bunnies were the Playboy Club.”
Playboy quickly realised they had mixed a volatile cocktail of beautiful young women wearing provocative costumes in a sophisticated party atmosphere teeming with alcohol-fuelled men. What to do about it?
As Debbie says: “There were strict codes of behaviour for both employees and customers. Bunnies had to maintain a certain decorum: if you overstepped the parameters, you were out of the game. The rules worked both ways. If a customer got out of line, he lost his Club membership. You knew that management backed you up and that you were protected. As someone who had worked as a waitress before, that was a shocking revelation.”

Text from “The Bunny Years” by Kathryn Leigh Scott (1998)