I am so very excited for Ellie

Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, along with the actresses who played Ellie and Riley, back in 2014 said that their intention with the Left Behind kiss was that the players can interpret it any way they like, but their intention was that the two girls are gay.

It was recently announced in The Last of Us Part II that the player controls Ellie this time around instead of Joel. This means that Ellie will be the first gay protagonist in mainstream gaming. And she’s a female protag!

Way to go, Naughty Dog! Keep moving us forward!


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PlayStation 4 | 50 Million Units Sold!

The PS4 appears to be well on its way to being the most successful console ever, as Sony announced that after 4 years on sale, 50 million units have been sold worldwide as of December 5th. PS2 still holds the record at 155 million units sold worldwide, 15 years after its release. Can the PS4 beat it?