To summarize what is going on so far…

Aksys, the team that localizes the Zero Escape series in North America linked to this site.

All that can readily be seen there are the numbers 0303. People have dug into the website’s code and found two sets of words. They are possibly pairs, or anagrams. Maybe something maybe nothing.

Interesting notes about this:

-The Infinity series is comprised of three current games co-written by Kotaro Uchikoshi, head of the Zero Escape series. Ever17, Never7, and Remember11. This might be what the site’s title 4Infinity is referring to.

-Flipping 0303 upside down looks like ΣΦΣΦ. Sigma Phi Sigma Phi. You know what that means. :P

-Aksys is a localization company. VLR did not sell well in Japan, which is the primary reason ZE3 was not greenlit a while back. It’s possible Aksys has aided in development of ZE3 and that’s what this it. Lord knows Uchikoshi has been teasing something as well. It is also entirely possible that this has nothing to do with ZE3.

At this point, I recommend cautious optimism. I want ZE3 as much as anybody else. The clues seem promising.