I want to do a project.

I kind of want to try to collect book blog URLs, so I can feature them on my bookish blogs page. But because I do Shout Out Saturdays for lesser known blogs, they’re in two categories - those with 0-5000 followers, and those with 5000+ followers.

So here’s my thought. If you still want to be featured one of these Saturdays, you can always fill out this form. But regardless of if you do that or not, I’d still like everyone with a book blog to do any of the following: like this post and reply with your follower count, reblog it and add your follower count in the comments or the tags, or just send me a message (I’d rather it be reblogged, so more people can see it!). I know there are SO MANY BLOGS out there that I’ve forgotten to include on that page - even popular ones - and I’d like to try to fix that.

So! If you don’t mind then, go forth and do your thing to help me out! I hope to hear from all of you soon! ♥♥♥


Alpha Widow!

Not a lot of the most well-loved RPGs are easy for new, younger players to pick up. There’s a fine line to walk between making a fun RPG that’s accessible to new players, yet still engaging enough for RPG veterans. Luckily, Triniton has you covered. This new RPG from Christian Ahlin d…

orion-project  asked:

Since this blog reminds me of yeeem, I wonder how it would go if a Space Pirate met a Sangheili. Probably just worting and screeching and then a protracted war that ends in the Covenant collapsing again

then the planet got glassed the end


@taylorswiftBlank Space + Formula 1 US Grand Prix

“Saw you there and I thought
Oh my God, look at that face
You look like my next mistake.” [x]

Review: Mindless Box Demo

Mindless Box is an upcoming game by @maimiestoybox.  Download the demo here.

Note:  At the time of writing this, there is only six days left in the Kickstarter.  I regret not playing the demo before now so that I could have written my thoughts on it sooner.  Please consider giving the demo a try and supporting the Kickstarter before it ends if you like it!

Links:  Tumblr  |  Twitter  |  LSF  |  Kickstarter  |  Steam Greenlight

Synopsis:  Emily, a witch at a magic high school, accidentally destroys a building.  As punishment, she’s forced to carryout night cleaning duties with two others guys who are being punished, a guy who simply loves cleaning, and her best friend that refuses to let her be alone with the other three.  On their first night of cleaning, Emily stumbles upon something creepy and possibly sinister.

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