I see the sadness behind your eyes. It tells a story that makes me want to weep. Pain and loss. But it drives you, makes you strong. It is that strength that people are drawn to. It is why you lead and others follow without question.


Gosh, I played GT last year -or was it 2 years ago?- on an emulator and I LOVED IT with my heart and soul qAq

I’ve just beat the game this morning and I can’t handle the feels, nnnnnng.

If you haven’t played this game yet, I REALLY recommend you to do so. Great plot and story, awesome characters and an amazing BSO.


Game, Rinse, Repeat! Plays Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem!

Seriously check this fucking game out, it’s a political intrigue visual novel set in a medieval fantasy world with over 160,000 lines of dialog/story and over 425 different choices.  It’s developed by azalynestudios, so hop over to their website and download the demo!

anonymous asked:

I was wondering —if it is okay to ask— who is your favourite Champion in Pokemon?

Of course, it’s okay! I’m fine with answering any ask that isn’t way over my head or insulting/condescending.

If you asked me before, I’d have said Shirona/Cynthia in a heartbeat! She’s strong, she’s cool, and I love how she acts kind of spacey and disarmingly sweet and friendly outside of battle, but is completely serious and just a bit scary in battle. So, have we established yet that my type of character is one that can be equal parts cute and creepy?

First female Champion (at least in the games), Dragon Type partner? MY HEART.

Now, I’m a little bit torn because while she’s my favourite in the anime, the B2W2 games have Iris as Champion!!! I love Iris so much, the idea of her getting to be Champion is so awesome. Also her design as Champion is super pretty and cool!

And again, DRAGONS.

So I played some more PMD:E today, wanting to improve our rank a bit more, so I took on some really rough missions.

We had to arrest a super tough Chingling, including a Monster House, so it became quite a fight and Mirari piplup took some heavy damage from that thing. When he was at 5 health left, Chingling tried to attack him, when suddenly all out of nowhere, Garakonthie shinx took the damage for him, despite NOT having the Bodyguard IQ ability!

I have no idea if this is still possible without it, but Konthie certainly did defend Mirari when he were in huge trouble! So of course I found it adorable/amazing and had to doodle it. >:C

Thanks for helping my nerd out, Garakonthie. You’re a true hero!