Gavin: What happens in the raps though is that, usually, you just pull entire paragraphs of lyrics out of your anus-

Michael: Yeah, that’s exactly where they come from, and I can never repeat them ever again because I make them up as I go.

Gavin: It’s a gift! And I just throw in the occasional word. But sometimes, I mess up because I start listening to what you’re saying. And it’s so long and I’m listening and I realise i’m not saying anything in the rap, so then I just yell.

Michael: Gavin does one of two things: He does either word or KACK-KACK-KACK-KA-KA-KACK-KA-KA-KA-KACK-KACK.


No one asked for it but I delivered. You’re welcome.

Crow Crew Playing Horror Games
  • Kaz: Dies trying to find all the collectibles
  • Inej: Plays the entire game crouching
  • Wylan: Walks backwards into every room
  • Jesper: Cannot play horror games by himself, prefers to watch Wylan, almost shits himself every time there's a jumpscare
  • Nina: Gives all the enemies harmless names like sprinkles
  • Matthias: Runs around and screams literal gibberish when he's being chased