I have a bunch of clothes I don’t like anymore that I want to sell ( I know, I know I should donate them but I’m a poor college student).  I was going to take them to Plato’s closet and I was just wondering if anyone has sold clothes there before?  How much do they generally give you?  Any ballpark answers would be great.  Thanks if anyone responds.

Selling al Plato's

Okay I happen to work at Plato’s Closet and when I looked up the tag all I saw was bitching so I’m gonna explain how it works.

  • First things first, its first come first serve so, no I can’t look at your stuff before everyone else’s. 
  • We only take clothing from the last 18 months, so no I don’t care if its Hollister it is ancient.
  • We only take clothes in good condition. 
  1. No stains
  2. No holes
  3. No fading 
  4. No pilling (the little balls that develop if the item is too worn)
  5. And for shoes no scuffing
  • We only take sizes xxs-xl and 00-15/16 for women. xs-xxl and 28-40 for men.
  • No we don’t take kids clothes. And we have never done so.
  • We only give you 35% so we can actually make a profit, thats the only way we can stay open
  • Mossimo and Old Navy aren’t expensive, you won’t get much for them. 
  • Labels are everything. If there is a wool sweater from J.Crew and a cashmere from Gap the J. Crew will be more expensive no matter what.
  • If there is no receipt or card of verification we can’t take it. Just deal. 
  • Oh, and don’t be mean to the people who are checking you out, they probably didn’t go through your stuff.
Fuck You Too Plato's Closet

I went into my first Plato’s Closet today.  I was super excited since I’m all about thrifting and buying resale clothes!  The store had a LOT of items, however I soon realized in each category (dresses, shirts, skirts, ect.) the XL section was very small.  The other sizes had huge amounts of clothes, some even having multiple racks, while the XL sections had maybe a max of 6 items per category.  I thought this was a little strange, but assumed it was simply due to the store being resale, and thinking they just didn’t get many XL items brought it.  I even found a skirt and shirt that I bought (and now honestly regret)

I was curious if other stores had this issue, so I did a little googling and then I found this blog post.  Suddenly what I saw today made sense.  There is literally no reason to carry XL sizes unless you’re going to fully commit to it, and treat plus sized people like human beings.  I would be a lot less offended if they just cut off at size L/12, instead of half assing it and discriminating against their plus sized sellers. 

Guess what guys, young, trendy girls who wear a size XL exist and they’re not a rarity.  And more of them would buy from you if you bothered to give them a selection bigger than five things. (But I guess that would require buying from other plus sized girls which is not something you’re interested in)

Really glad I learned about this so I didn’t try to shop at other locations in the future (or try to sell to them.)

tl;dr Plato’s closet discriminates against plus sizes, you’re better off selling to and buying from Buffalo Exchange, or just charitably donating your clothes!

Spring Has Sprung Is So Cliché

Hello, Littleton followers! This is the Cheyenne blogger Liz here and I’ll be guest blogging this week! Below is my spring inspired blog post, so check it out. 


But it’s true. There’s certainly no denying. And try as I might to cling wholeheartedly to my chunky knits, black opaque tights and knee-high combat boots I love so dearly, I feel this immense urge to buy florals and colorful prints. Like, loads and loads of florals and prints, guys. I’m serious about this. I’m like Willy Wonka and these skirts, tops and dresses are like my everlasting gobstoppers (gee, now I’m craving some candy). So I walk into our store and I suddenly feel as though I’m Violette Boregard. Nah, scratch that. Let’s pretend we’re Charlie (I don’t look good blown up as a giant blueberry, I hope you can catch up with all the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory references). 

Ahem. So, where were we? Ah, yes. I walk into the Plato’s Closet Cheyenne store and I’m suddenly greeted with racks upon racks of colorful prints, florals, textures, and designs. It’s like all the magnificent spring and summer merchandise was hiding in the back just waiting to come out for the fantastic spring weather (that’s EXACTLY what happened, fyi). 

And now’s your chance to score some of it. So, as a way to celebrate this wonderful coming of season, I decided to showcase some of the prints and patterns we love so dearly. 

Modeled + post pro by me, photographed by Jarret Janzen, all clothing courtesy of Plato’s Closet Cheyenne

My favorite part of this outfit is the mixing of patterns. No longer should we opt for a basic colored tank for our skirts, cardigans, and vests. 

External image

External image

External image

This dress was a tad bit bigger on me so I chose to use a braided belt and that inspired me to add my floral crown that I made from faux flowers to help celebrate the weather.

External image

External image

External image

The last outfit was my favorite. I’m all about the maxi skirt and the flowier, the better. I didn’t want to dull it down by wearing a solid colored top, so I chose the fitted printed tunic and I made a flower crown the day before that matched my skirt perfectly!

External image

External image

External image


New video today! A giant Plato’s Closet haul, talkin’ about thrift shopping, closet cosplaying, and saving yourself a lot of cash~!


Warm and Cozy at Plato’s Closet 


 Don’t be brain washed by those big box stores that send the message you have to be a “big spender” to stay warm in a trendy way this winter!

These AMAZINGG Uggs will keep you warm as this cold season is just around the corner!

 Like them tall or short? Don’t worry we got ‘em! Come in and scoop these warm and fuzzy must-haves today at Plato’s Closet Escondido!!!!

You know you cant live without them!