Once I went sell some old clothes to platos closet so I give them all my stuff and I’m waiting and they call me over and say “we can’t take any of your stuff” and in my head I’m all “I got some real cute shit the fuck you mean.” and then she says “Because we found this in your pocket!” And she holds up a little tiny baggy of weed that I obviously forgot about and I just grabbed all of my things and ran out.

When people complain about how little we give them for their clothes at platos closet I wanna be like its called economics bitch we can’t sell your ratty ass holister shirt from 2004 for 84 dollars so that you get how much you paid for it sorry it doesn’t work that way


We DO sell plus sizes, and “old” means that the style itself is old, not necessarily the article of clothing. The buyers have strict guidelines on any given day that tell them what brands, sizes, or styles that they specifically need. If summer’s ending, they don’t need more shorts. If there’s a lit of back stock of plus-sized jeans, they’re not going to buy any more. They can’t buy every name brand or gently used piece of clothing from your bags on any given day. Seriously - how can you expect a business to waste money on things they don’t need?




Plato’s Closet Haul

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Just a heads up that all Plato’s Closets aren’t the same and that they all have different rules. Just because you had a bad experience at one doesn’t mean that all Plato’s Closets are bad (and it’s very rude to the ones like mine that work our hardest and are extremely nice).

Also different Plato’s take in different things! It’s unnecessary to get angry over one store taking something that another store didn’t because it’s never personal. We’re a business, we take in what we need and reject what we don’t. If one store has way too many long sleeves in stock, they won’t take the long sleeves that another store (which has low inventory in long sleeves) does take. We would make no money if we took everything all the time. Trends come and go, and if we have things sitting in the back room because there isn’t room on the floor for them they’ll go out of style.

If sales associates are rude to you yes, you have a right to be angry at that specific Plato’s Closet. It isn’t a store’s job to buy all your clothes though, it’s a store’s job to make money. Just please consider this before you get angry. 

okay but this is for all those cute people who want to have nice clothes and accessories but don’t have all that much money.

i know how it feels when you think you might have to just try searching at the goodwill and that sucks, it really does. i can never find anything there.

but a store that you seriously should look for is Plato’s Closet. i’ve been shopping there for a good amount of time now and they have great stuff!

Plato’s Closet is basically a thrift store filled with lightly used (or not used at all) brand name clothes. you can find anything from, shoes, to dresses, to skirts, to shirts all for very reasonable prices!

yes it’s obviously more expensive than your average thrift store (goodwill) but it’s still really great!

me, my sister, and my mom go there maybe once a month at the most to see what cute stuff we can find. usually we come out spending sixty to a hundred dollars and nearly getting six different outfits.

it’s really great, and if you don’t already know about this i wanted to make sure you did!

search online to see if there’s one in your area! they’re spread out but i’m pretty sure there probably in more places.

Selling al Plato's

Okay I happen to work at Plato’s Closet and when I looked up the tag all I saw was bitching so I’m gonna explain how it works.

  • First things first, its first come first serve so, no I can’t look at your stuff before everyone else’s. 
  • We only take clothing from the last 18 months, so no I don’t care if its Hollister it is ancient.
  • We only take clothes in good condition. 
  1. No stains
  2. No holes
  3. No fading 
  4. No pilling (the little balls that develop if the item is too worn)
  5. And for shoes no scuffing
  • We only take sizes xxs-xl and 00-15/16 for women. xs-xxl and 28-40 for men.
  • No we don’t take kids clothes. And we have never done so.
  • We only give you 35% so we can actually make a profit, thats the only way we can stay open
  • Mossimo and Old Navy aren’t expensive, you won’t get much for them. 
  • Labels are everything. If there is a wool sweater from J.Crew and a cashmere from Gap the J. Crew will be more expensive no matter what.
  • If there is no receipt or card of verification we can’t take it. Just deal. 
  • Oh, and don’t be mean to the people who are checking you out, they probably didn’t go through your stuff.

do not recommend selling your clothes at platos closet. I had some really nice high end lace dresses and shirts and only got $13

I sold my $70 metallic skirt that came from tokyo (those tokyians know what fashion is all about yo) and they didn’t even take it

and they only look at labels??? Like if the clothing is cute screw what store it comes from. Its very herd mentality

my fashion sense is too advanced *flips hair*