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Summary: You meet Jensen’s new girlfriend and she has a hard time hiding her jealousy. 

Prompt: “He’s been periodically throwing spoons at me for the past five years.”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested: @iwantthedean

As a successful plastic surgeon, Jensen’s wildly hectic schedule usually has him in a constant tailspin. His thriving social life has become obsolete as of late, which is how he ended up dating his perky receptionist.

And if Jensen’s being completely truthful with himself, he’s only dating Tracy out of convenience. She’s a cute girl with a decent personality of course but there’s nothing extraordinary happening there. Then again, any and all girls fall short when Jensen compares them to you.

Jensen’s mind and body finally forced him to take a few days off, which led him right to his childhood home. No matter what age, his hometown has always been his happy place. And you being his parents next door neighbor is an amazing bonus. 

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A pretty art display? Nope.That’s a couple of tiny Velella velella larvae together with confetti-like bits of plastic. 

We’ve got a plastic problem. While it is still unclear how much of this plastic makes it into the ocean, scientists estimate the numbers could reach as high as 12.7 million tons annually. 

Today, on America Recycles Day we’re shedding light on a monstrous problem—one that effects our favorite place, the ocean.

Photo credit: © Annie Crawley