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New Research in Green Plastics Uses Tree Resin

New research into renewable, green plastics is using tree resin rather than petroleum. University of South Carolina researcher Chuanbing Tang has given evergreen a new meaning. The polymers come from evergreen trees such as pine and fir. These materials are loaded with hydrocarbons, which through the polymerization process can be turned into various types of plastics. Tang says that these wood products are useful because “they’re a rich source of the cycloaliphatic and aromatic structures that make good materials after polymerization, and they have the rigid molecular structures and hydrophobicity that materials scientists know work well.“

Not only are these products ‘green’ from the beginning, they also end ‘green’. Since these polymers are derived from living materials, they are biodegradable. "With a polymer framework derived from renewable sources, we’re able to make materials that should break down more readily in the environment” says Tang.



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Studio Swine  … has recently added yet another string to their sustainable-but-beautiful bow in the form of these sumptuous Gyrecraft pieces.

The decidedly opulent looking works were created thanks to an arduous 1000 nautical mile journey across the seas, which saw a crew using a “Solar Extruder” to draw plastic from the waters.

The device works by harnessing sunlight to melt and extrude plastic from the sea, and these little fragments were then used to create five gorgeous objets d’art, one representing each of the five major ocean gyres.

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