Who would have thought even Hallmark would make Frozen paraphernalia that I would love?

In the first picture are two figurines of Elsa, one of which has her wearing her Frozen Fever dress. The dress on the other figurine has never appeared in the films or printed media, but I think it’s really cool (pun intended 😉). It gives Elsa a very queenly appearance, complete with the cape and tiara! 😄

The other items in the second picture include a plaque and mug. I’m not exactly sure what the third item with Olaf and his line “I like warm hugs” is, but my buddy @foreverfrozensolid thinks it might be a paperweight.


Here are some better pictures of my handmade hang-able pigeon bone art.  All the bones are secured in place now and it looks awesome!  It is ready to go to its new home.  On a side note, thank you for 300 followers everybody!!  It means a lot so many people are supporting my passion and my business.  The fast growth of my fans on tumblr has really got me excited to be doing this for a living, and it has got me inspired to do so many better awesome things for the future.

Old Babylonian Plaque with Nergal, 18th-17th Century BC

A D-shaped baked clay plaque fragment with high-relief figure of a standing god Nergal wearing tall cap, with long curly hair and heard, a pair of bull(?) ears, in left hand holding a mace decorated by a double lion’s head, two daggers secured at the belt, a pair of decoration or weapons with lion head finial to the shoulders.

Nergal was a Mesopotamian god of war, plague and negative aspect of the sun. His domain was the Underworld, where he ruled over death together with other deities and later with his wife Ereshkigal. According to one myth, she had been the sole queen of the underworld into which Nergal was sent to apologize for having offended her messenger. There, he was seduced by her, but managed to trick his way out of her realm. Ereshkigal was angry about the loss of her lover and finally had him brought back to her. From this point onward, they ruled the underworld jointly. In his astral aspect, he was connected with planet Mars. As a god of war and underworld, Nergal controlled a variety of demons and evil forces, who are particularly prominent in the myth of Erra as agents of death and destruction


Rheinkran by Tony
Via Flickr:
Originally built as a Rheinkran (Rhine Crane House). The building dates from the 17th century. Elector Lothar von Metternich built the octagonal building in 1609. On the side of the building are plaques marking the height of floodwaters of the Rhine. 1651 the January flood appears to out flood all later floodings.