As long as I’m going through my camera, here’s a picture from last year of an oddish planter. :) Hand-cast in blue resin from a sculpture I made, with a hand-painted face, sealed with a matte varnish and UV-protective spray. He’s designed to fit a recycled K-cup (from Keurig coffee machines) as a seedling planter.

Oddish is  under-appreciated, they’re cuties. :)


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 6.13.17

wacky planters by btwceramics // small | large

i’m a sucker for hyper-colorful pottery, so these wackily-glazed planters are definitely up my alley! aren’t they aptly named? ;)


I’ve decided to finally add a miniature furniture & decor line to my etsy, ever since starting on this tiny home journey last year. So this week was focused primarily on plants, and I plan on moving onto furniture and mini pets next week ^_^

You can see my current collection here, and everything is 1:12 inch scale so it can be added to your modern dollhouse, or just displayed on an empty shelf nook like how I do :P


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 6.8.17

theme thursday: metal home accents

metal floating address signs with planters by urbanmettle

i’ve been wanting one of these planter-signs for a while … i’m just not sure which one would look best with my address. how cute are they, hey?!