So I was tagged by the amazing and lovely keep-calm-and-ks to do this thingy:

“choose 5 of my OTPs (any series) without looking at the questions in the read more first, answer the questions with the corresponding ship, then tag 10 people”

Here are my 5 OTPs:
1. Spirk (obviously)
2. Daryl/Carol
3. Sulu/Plants
4. Rick/Michonne
5. I’m putting Caryl again ‘cause I can

Here are the questions:

1. Do you remember episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping #5?

DUH. When Daryl gave her the Cherokee Rose, I knew I would never live ever again from that moment

2. Have you ever read fanfiction about #2?

oh boy have I

3. Has a picture of #4 ever been your background/Tumblr icon?


4. If #3 were to suddenly break up, what would your reaction be?

I would be sad but honestly I don’t think that’s possible becuase Sulu loves his plants very much, yes very much and that just would never happen, nope

5. Why is #1 so important?


6. Is #4 a funny or a serious ship?

they are oh so very serious.  they keep each other in check and given it’s an apocalypse funny doesn’t get to happen much… although my head canon is that they do have their occasional funny moment 

7. Out of all the ships, which ones have the most chemistry?

WOW. Caryl has some INSANE chemistry though, but honestly all of them do… Sulu and his plants get along SO well, Kirk and Spock are like married already, and so on

8. Of all the ships, which ship has the strongest bond?

Spirk and Caryl do honestly. They’re tied.

9. How many times have you read/watched #2′s fandom?

does infinity count as an answer

10. Which ship lasted the longest?

i’m not sure but probably Spirk

11. How many times, if ever, have #5 broken up?

just shoot me in the face right now

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it out alive?

Caryl - HAHA THEY’RE LIFE IS A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE - they honestly are gunna be the last one’s alive

13. Did #4 have to hide their relationship for any reason?

meh… they would probably never hide they’re relationship imo

14. Is #5 still together?


15. Is #1 canon?

……………………….. gtfo

16. If all 5 ships were put into a couple’s Hunger Games, which couple do you think would win?

I would have to say definitely not just one couple… Rick would shoot everyone up in .2 seconds to protect  his bae but Daryl would do the same thing… so that’s too difficult to answer

17. Has anyone tried to sabotage #5′s relationship?

*cries* yes - and not in the show if you know what I mean

18. Which ship(s) would you defend to death and beyond?


19. Have you ever spent hours a day going through #3′s tumblr page?

*sighs* you’ve figured out my secret

20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you that you had to pick one of the 5 ships to break up forever, which ship would you sink?

sulu/plants -i’m sorry

I’m tagging: tribblles, humanalmostdarlinjim, vulcannic, boneslovesjimlovesspock, and spockoandjimjim, (sorry if you don’t care about this but I have no friends to tag that aren’t already)

alright fishblr, i’ve got a problem. a big one. i’ve got some nasty brown algae in two of my tanks. my 2.5g betta tank has had this before, and it was suggested that i get a snail to take care of the issue. the snail helped, but the poor little guy couldn’t possibly eat all of the algae that just kept spreading.

so, i did a complete water change, cleaned the rocks, scrubbed the decorations and plants, cleaned Rick Moss Jr. (my moss ball), and basically just scrubbed the whole tank and refilled it with some nice, conditioned water.

not more than a week later, the brown algae makes a comeback. but this time, it’s not only in my 2.5g, it’s in my 10g as well. i’m unsure of why only these two tanks, the only similarity they have is they both have moss balls (10g moss ball’s name is Diana Moss).

my 5.5g tank is completely spotless. everything is nice and clean in there. i’m wondering if it’s the moss balls causing the algae?

thanks for any help!

secret greenhouse -- planting beds


also have questions re: your planting bed design.

you mentioned in the welcome post that the beds do not drain to the ground. are they similar to a wicking bed (holds water in the bottom with a drainage hole ~2" from the bottom)? where does any excess moisture drain?

do the concrete blocks in your beds wick moisture? i like the simplicity of using blocks but from what i’ve observed those blocks accumulate moisture when in contact with moist ground and my concern is in keeping any moisture away from wood framing (rot, termites, etc.) if the blocks are also connected to the foundation.

Tigers set for summer of watching

Tigers set for summer of watching

The Tigers will welcome back a string of players from their double-winning squad on multi-year deals next season.

The EPL champions and British Challenge Cup winners will boast a familiar-looking side when they return to action in September.

Jason Silverthorn will lead the returnees on multi-year deals, alongside Rick Plant, Peter Szabo, Dan Scott, Jonathan Weaver, Joe Miller and Nathan Salem.


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