Can you spot the plants in this picture?

These are ‘Lithops’, members of the ice plant family. To prevent being eaten by animals, they blend into their surroundings by camouflaging themselves as pebbles or small stones.

They are tiny succulent plants which have no stem and the leaves are mostly buried in the ground; with only the top part showing on the surface to allow for photosynthesis.

They come in various shades of cream, grey and brown and the top surface is patterned with dots and lines, not even the leaves are green; making the perfect disguise to prevent being feasted on!


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Chara are a group of algae-like aquatics that are more closely related to land plants than they are algae. In fact, many botanists believe they are representative of the earliest stages of land plant evolution. For a rather simple looking plant, their physiology as well as their ecology are incredibly fascinating! Click here for episode 8 of the In Defense of Plants Podcast in which I interview Dr. Mary Bisson about her work on this amazing group of plants.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons