Planet Schmanet Janet/Planet Hot Dog
  • Planet Schmanet Janet/Planet Hot Dog
  • Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Jonathan Adams
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Complete Soundtrack - Absolute Treasures - 2011 Special Edition

Planet Schmanet Janet/Planet Hot Dog || Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Jonathan Adams

from Absolute Treasures, the latest RHPS soundtrack Special Edition, which includes previously unreleased studio-recorded songs “The Sword Of Damocles”, “Once In A While”, “Planet Schmanet Janet”, and “Planet Hot Dog” (the “You’re a hot dog” portion of PSJ). I’ve combined PSJ with PHD here, for convenience. Be sure and take note of Tim Curry’s slightly different vocals. You do get some of Janet’s reactions, but nothing from the Crim and no sound effects (i.e. the Medusa). Also, it’s a shame they used such a fuck-ugly cover art

Planet Schmanet, Janet (unreleased uk version)
  • Planet Schmanet, Janet (unreleased uk version)
  • Tim Curry
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Black Kermit’s Lily Pad of Horrors - Day 16 - Planet, Schmanet, Janet ~ Tim Curry - from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975)

Dr. Frank-N-Furter :
How could you!

Dr. Everett v. Scott :
This way! This way!

Riff Raff :
Shut up!

Dr. Frank-N-Furter :
I’ll tell you once
I won’t tell you twice
You’d better wise up, Janet Weiss
Your apple pie don’t taste too nice
You’d better wise up, Janet Weiss

I’ve laid the seed, it should be all you need
You’re as sensual as a pencil
Wound up like an ‘E’ or first string
When we made it, did you hear a bell ring?
You got a block, well take my advice
You’d better wise up, Janet Weiss
The Transducer will seduce ya

Janet Weiss :
My feet! I can’t move my feet!

Dr. Everett v. Scott :
My wheels! My God, I can’t move my wheels!

Brad Majors :
It’s as if we’re glued to the spot!

Dr. Frank-N-Furter :
You are! So quake with fear, you tiny fools!

Janet Weiss :
Oh, we’re trapped!

Dr. Frank-N-Furter :
It’s something you’ll get used to
A mental mind-fuck can be nice

Dr. Everett v. Scott :
You won’t find Earth people quite the easy mark you imagine
This sonic transducer - it is, I suppose, some kind of
Audio-vibratory, physiomolecular transport device

Brad Majors :
You mean

Dr. Everett v. Scott :
Yes, Brad
It’s something we ourselves have been working on for quite some time
But it seems our friend here has found a means of perfecting it
A device which is capable of breaking down solid matter and then
Projecting it through space, and who knows, perhaps even time itself

Janet Weiss :
You mean, he’s gonna send us to another planet?

Dr. Frank-N-Furter :
Planet, schmanet, Janet!
You’d better wise up, Janet Weiss
You’d better wise up
Build your thighs up
You’d better wise up

Criminologist :
And then she cried out

Janet Weiss :


i have a mighty need

i have built a ridiculous Frank N. Furter puppet and for extra credit , after my final i am doing all parts of "Planet Schmanet/Hotdog" myself with the aide of this puppet...

So my prof explictly stated “students who recite 20+ plus lines from one of the plays studied in class (or whichever one you choose to base your final on) will have their grade elevated one increment.”

And i spoke to a few people doing musicals who said They were going to sing a song, so i figured i would, but im not very good at singing, so i thought this up as an amusing distraction from the fact…and totally intended on having puppets for EVERYONE but here we are the night before deadline and really all i have is this hysterical Frank puppet…yea…

2x05 The Rocky Horror Glee Show | Planet, Schmanet, Janet Requested Alternative Cover

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