Watch all the known large surface volcanic eruptions over the last 11000 years.


Old and New Astronomy, by Richard A.Proctor, 1892

(31.) What men recognised then in the movements of the heavenly
bodies is true now and true for all time. And even in dealing with the
limited knowledge and the imperfect methods of ancient astronomers, we
need not hesitate to consider these movements as they are now recognised
and understood

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Cassini view of Enceladus, February 15, 2016 

This image was taken during Cassini’s final close flyby of Enceladus. It captures Enceladus’ heavily fractured southern hemisphere from a distance of about 83,000 km. Running left to right near the terminator is Cashmere Sulcus, and extending north towards the limb is Labtayt Sulcus. Mosul Sulcus is near the limb on the left. The south pole itself is in winter night.

image: NASA / JPL / SSI / Justin Cowart

(via: Planetary Society)

Mock Mars Mission: A success!

Recently the team of notional explorers emerged from the dome they’d been locked inside for a year. It was a NASA-funded experiment run by the University of Hawaii.

The reason? To test the human capacity for exploration. Any possible missions to Mars will have incredible constraints on things like personal space, diversity of food, and privacy. In other words, any person on such a journey would have their capacity for dealing with such a lifestyle tested.

…and tested it was.

The crew consisted of a soil scientist, a medical doctor (and journalist), a physicist, an engineer, a biologist and an architect.

Together they just emerged from their “Mars base” in Hawaii.

Although there were of course difficult times, the crew is unanimous in their opinion that a long duration space expedition faces no unreasonable problems in terms of the human psychological impact.

So for all you biologists, pre meds, engineers, physicists, doctors and soil science students… buckle up - you might be going to Mars one day.

(Image credit: AFP)


Frost-Covered Leaves by John Entwistle