Sorry to post about airplane / artist Taylor again but I have more thoughts to elaborate on that have me all kinds of shook. This is the one I think we may hear from / about on track 15 (maybe) – the last track.

This Taylor in the video is the artist working on her art (presently, TS6 aka her reputation) (she painted the words reputation on the plane .. that’s how we know she’s an artist .. also her headband. )

She recognized there was a flaw in reputation so she cut that part off (the wing) to literally get rid of it. Which that’s metaphorical for the part of her reputation she doesn’t want anymore.

And in doing so, in cutting off the wing, she literally grounded herself - so for now she isn’t going anywhere while she works on this.

Then as the scene continues she proceeds to continue to work on the plane (fix reputation) (sparks flying around)
She doesn’t want to be a part any of the drama (some of the other Taylor’s in the scene engaged in it)- she’s staying out of it. Sitting back, quietly, not saying a word, with her art.

And she is also staying back out of the spotlight the other Taylor’s had found themselves in (no lights on artist Taylor )

Just working on her art, making reputation better
Working on putting reputation back together

This Taylor has
No fancy dress
No done up hair
No microphone, awards, snakes
Just a regular girl
That’s it, that’s actual Taylor
It’s just Taylor and her art

And when she’s done fixing reputation … ie her plane has a wing again, then, TS6 will be done and reputation’s repairs will be finished.

& then she can fly away.


Hi can we just appreciate the fact that Peter Parker is such a curious nerd and in Civil War the opposing side just kinda… lets him


Bucky: …????

Doesn’t go to attack Peter or anything, just looks at him in confusion. This is a terrifying assassin man who has ended many lives and is an expert of hand-to-hand combat, and just.

He just gives Peter a confused look, like “what is this little kid doing here???”


Scott: Get off.

Mind you, this entire time, Scott has been causing major destruction. He’s been trying to attack the other members of Team Iron Man by using trucks, a broken-off plane wing, his own boots, etc.

When Peter curiously looks into his visor, Scott just kind of?? Brushes him off to the side. It’s pretty gentle, considering his sheer strength and what’s been going on so far.

I’m literally dying over this please send help


Not to sound melodramatic, but it honestly feels like the biggest part of my childhood died today. I say it all the time, but I attribute Godzilla to the person that I am today – a statement that would probably raise a few eyebrows, but it’s true. Every creative outlet that I have today stems from Godzilla, be it drawing, animation, acting, or filmmaking. Godzilla was the first thing I ever drew, and when it comes to filmmaking, I can pinpoint the exact moment in my life where I thought “Yeah…THAT’S what I wanna do.” As a little kid, I’d constantly borrow this book on Godzilla from my school’s library, but I’ll never forget the first time I did. In it was this illustration that depicted the set of a Godzilla movie, and seeing that, man…I was completely enthralled. As a kid, you know these movies are just “make believe,” but most of the time, your brain doesn’t really process how things like that work. This was the first time I got a look at the behind-the-scenes process of stuff like this, and as a wide-eyed little kid, it just blew my mind. Guys off to the side creating explosions, people standing high up on balconies operating miniature planes and the monsters’ wings, tails, etc., and of course, the man inside the suit itself…all of it was so captivating to me, but as a kid, it’s that last part that captured my imagination the most. Seeing pictures of Haruo Nakajima, the original suit actor to portray Godzilla (and many others), totally opened up my eyes. From that point on, I wanted to be Godzilla, hahaha. A dream that persists to this day, mind you. So to say that Mr. Nakajima is one of my heroes, wouldn’t exactly be an exaggeration. One of the things on my bucketlist was to one day meet him, shake his hand, and thank him for the impact he left on me…and I’m beyond thankful that I had the pleasure of doing exactly that last year. Not only was that the absolute highlight of an absolutely dreadful year, but it was one of the biggest highlights of my life, period. Finding out he was gonna make an appearance at a small convention in Kentucky, making the last minute decision to take a spontaneous trip over there despite being in-between jobs and having to scrap up what little money I had at the time…it’s things like that you never forget. I remember walking back to the hotel all misty-eyed after all was said and done – I almost couldn’t believe what happened, haha. I never get starstruck. This was the first time that I did.

Rest in peace, Godzilla, Rodan, Varan, Mothra, and many others. Thank you for everything, Mr. Nakajima.

Very Good Bad Thing

A Fullmetal Alchemist AU inspired in part by this awesome artwork.

Shoutout to @butteredonions​ for brainstorming with me//lending me this au format and @demenior​ for beta-ing and giving me the title.

cw for animal death.

00. Shiro becomes a State Alchemist for the grant money.

Shiro does it because he wants to fly. He has dreams of soaring through the air, and draws out transmutation circle after transmutation circle, carefully plotting out ways to make it possible. But even with alchemical intervention, a human alone is not light enough to float unassisted, so he researches planes and airships. Planes are expensive, though. And becoming a State Alchemist involves money for any kind of research his heart desires, as well as access to the most well-equipped labs in the country. Eventually, his hunger to fly outweighs his desire to keep his research to himself.

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Man now that I’m thinking about it I’m coming up with all sorts of seeds that might/will hopefully become important again later

The komar, Black’s astral plane, Black’s WINGS, Keith’s family, the black bayard, the scaultrite Acxa stole, the rift monsters, the rift itself, Allura’s magic (though that’s already started to become important again), the alternate Alteans, project Kuron, etc