I won’t even ask you to come to Texas. I won’t ask anyone that. I don’t want to come to Texas.

if i come to texas you’re gonna have to bail me out of jail bc there’s a woman there who was awful to my little sister and she’s got a beat down coming from like. three years ago.

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of course! you’ve already found so many things for me tonight, i’ve started on the first cherik fic. good luck and sleep well, may nasty basti sing vocally trained words to you in your dreams

oh what a lovely dream that would be. we may never wake up again ;)

“I am crying over Matthew Morrison” is not something I ever thought I’d say but, alas, here I am:


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*smashes forehead off of a table* okay plan B. Would you ever hug a male?

//Yeah. If I was close enough. There aren’t any Id hug now outside my family. It then again, there isn’t anyone outside my family I’d hug.