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The Eleven
Flight Rising

After roughly a year since releasing the first one, I have finally completed all eleven dragons. After much inactivity, procrastinating, and stubbornness. I did push to finish.

These are also, purely my versions of the deities. Would be alright with me if you agree/disagree with the choices. I’ve been quite inactive with the game as of late, and have given away most, if not all my valuable items/dragons to a good friend who I know will take care of it.

Edit: Added the hi-res version.


Earthshaker: Why would you fight him.  Don’t.  Not only would you not win, but you’d just be humiliated by how little damage you could possibly do against him and how little it would take to crush you and your dreams.

Windsinger: Yeah, you’d win, but only because Windsinger wouldn’t put up a fight.  Like, at all.  What kind of victory is that?  You’re that desperate for a win?  I mean, he wouldn’t hold it against you; he’d probably laugh it off and invite you to a party, so even if you win you lose.  Don’t fight the Windsinger.

Flamecaller: Hoe, don’t do it.  She’ll give you a full second to run and then she’ll roast your dick off, and then the rest of your body, and then she’ll get her Exalt servants to sweep your ashes and bone fragments under the proverbial rug.  That bitch is the god of fucking FIRE.  Don’t do it.

Tidelord: This would be a depressingly easy fight.  He’d be too busy crying about how awful the future is to really do anything.  Why would you fight him?  It’s like fighting a baby.  It’s worse than fighting Windsinger, because he’d cry about it.  You made a god cry.  Con-gratu-fucking-lations.  I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Icewarden: That asshole uses frozen dragons as lawn ornaments.  You should absolutely fight him.  Not because you’d win, but because you’d probably end up being frozen in a really stupid pose and dragons can have a last good laugh before their execution.

Gladekeeper: You are going to vanish, and nobody is ever going to find out what happened to you.  Years later there’s going to be a skeleton that looks a lot like you, except now it’s a miniature greenhouse for the Gladekeeper’s plants.  You want that fate?  Be my fucking guest.  Or you could, I don’t know, not die a horrible death by not fighting the Gladekeeper.

Plaguebringer: If I honestly have to tell you why you shouldn’t fight the Plaguebringer, you are legitimately too stupid to live and you should absolutely fight her so that you no longer have an opportunity to contribute to the gene pool.

Shadowbinder: This honestly depends on whether or not you can actually get to her, which I strongly doubt.  I mean, nobody’s ever seen her, so it’s anyone’s guess whether you’d actually be able to take her on.  But I mean, she lives in a forest full of giant thorns.  You really wanna test her?

Stormcatcher: Fight him.  You won’t last more than a second once he takes his attention off his work and onto you, but that asshole deserves at least one punch in the schnozz and if you time it right you might just be the one to give it to him.  You won’t be able to enjoy the posthumous bragging rights, but at least you’d have ‘em.

Arcanist: Yes, you’d win.  You’d beat up the scrawniest of the pantheon and probably have an easy time of it.  He’d probably cry, you know, and try to go hide in the bookshelves to get away from you, because you’re really going to beat him up on top of all the shit he gets for destroying the Pillar?  Here’s your victory, you asshole.  I hope it was worth it.

Lightweaver: You can fight her and win, but you’d better be fast.  She might be a little flimsy, but she’s got tons and tons of guards, so you’ll need to haul ass if you want to hang on to your victory.  If you make it into the Shadowbinder’s domain, you might survive and be able to tell others, at least until Glittermom hunts you down and obliterates you.

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Fighting Nature by moonlight
Winning Dominance by daylight
Never running from another flight
She is the one named Sailor Plague

She will never turn her back on a disease
She is always there to contaminate
She is the one of whom we can praise
She is the one named Sailor…

Sailor Rabies!
Sailor Mononucleosis!
Sailor SARS!
Sailor Ebola!
Sickness powers oh-so strong to her
She is the one named Sailor Plague

Fighting Nature by moonlight
Winning Dominace by daylight
With her Plaguelings to help fight
She is the one named Sailor Plague
She is the one named Sailor Plague
She is the one…Sailor Plague! (By User: Plague)


The Vestiges of Achernar

Epilogue to the Shade Incursion @tackysnaps and I have been writing.

The cataclysm wracks Sornieth to its foundations.  Shockwaves rip across the earth from the force of the impact and the currents of the ocean shift wildly as feral winds kick up over the frothing sea.  The cause of the mass destruction is anyone’s guess - and truly, no one will ever know - but the fallout of the impact is immediate and devastating.  Faults begin to wrench apart, the oceans spilling into the cracks and evaporating in the places where the atmosphere is sheared apart, waves bulging and sinking tumultuously with the displaced ocean floor.  Sand dunes vanish as fault lines suddenly appear deep beneath their surface, splitting the desert apart and leaving the shattered landscape in ruins.  The volcano of the Great Furnace erupts violently.  Aftershocks of brutal intensity awaken surrounding volcanoes that had lain dormant for thousands of years and suddenly they are heaving great gouts of ash and smoke into the air.  The sky is blotted out over the Ashfall wastes and the sun is eclipsed entirely by the caustic plumes, plunging the surviving dragons into darkness.  Fire and the glow of flowing lava serve as their lights, their heat torturous for its addition to the scalded landscape.

Apocalypse is the only word any can put to this sudden widespread havoc.

Sornieth never recovers.

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You know, I’ve been looking at the deities and thinking a bit about what dragons come from what element traditionally…

Do you suppose the Tidelord was so enamored with Gladekeeper’s gorgeous beard that he decided to give the Guardians a little homage to her?

Do you suppose the Arcanist noticed the Tidelord’s glorious frills and spines and subconsciously recalled that when he created Faes and their expressive frills?

Did the Boss Stormcatcher have Plaguebringer’s lovely boney ridges and spines in mind when he designed his Ridgebacks?

Did the Gladekeeper have Icewarden’s handsome face floating in her subconscious as she shaped the Wildclaws?

These are things I think about.