Pizza line || Scott & Tommy

A deep sigh. Hands on hips. A head shaking.

“What the hell am I going to do with you two?”

No, he was not some sort of exasperated mother. Speed was just a very exasperated teenage superhero at the moment. It happened sometimes, usually when it included hostile aliens or other threats to the general populace of New York City that were too weird to believe, like the rabid alien bunnies a while ago. (Those had been the worstAlien bunny goo smelled awful.)

Dinosaurs fell into that category. Definitely. It wasn’t the first time he’d interacted with dinosaurs. He’d arrived a few seconds ago after seeing people flee from the scene. The white-haired hero had used those precious seconds to survey the scene around him, trying to see the damage and where he had to do damage control. If he had any civilians to get out of danger.

Tommy remembered Old Lace, the dinosaur his friends in L.A kept around as a pet. Old Lace was nice. These two? They definitely were not. He shook his head again, pulling his goggles over his eyes before he pushed himself off the ground, semi-gracefully leaping over a car, using his momentum to bounce up again, raising his arm to punch a dinosaur –one of those with the small arms, what were they called again? T-Rex, right?– on the snout at breakneck speeds.

Pizza Line

“you can count on me, like 123, and i’ll be there”.

i remember you telling me that in the pizza line,

back then you meant it but now it’s like you don’t even try.

i need you more than ever now,

you left me out in the blue but now?

how could you leave?

it’s like you want these wrists to bleed.

can we take things back to how they used to be,

back when it was just you and me?

it seems like forever ago,

but darling i hope you know.

i love you,

no matter what we’re going through.

i heard the other day you’ve gone away,

and i thought you were here to stay.

California was always in your dreams,

but i thought it would include me.

things have changed now,

as my world spins round and round.

this cloud still hovers over me,

i guess i’ll just let you be.

can we take things back to how they used to be,

back when it was just you and me.

it seems like forever ago,

but darling i hope you know.

i love you,

no matter what we’re going through.

i’m over you now,

at home safe and sound.

you’ll never find another like me,

so you  can just leave me be?

you can try to apologize,

but trust me i know they’re all lies.

over break I went to stop & shop and saw this cake that was split into quarters and each quarter was a different type of cake there was red velvet, carrot, chocolate & idfr the last one but I had this brief impulsive thought like “I’m an adult I could buy that and eat the whole thing myself if I wanted to”

I didn’t but I thought about it for a second and that’s why I should not be allowed to be on my own

Hello Amy! So sad we couldn’t have you come to my place and stay with me and see all the amazing things to do near me but instead we are going to take a virtual tour of my hometown. First off, I live in Lancaster, NY, a small suburb outside of Buffalo, probably more familiar name to you. I live more in the “country” of Lancaster. My house has a lot of property and so many fun things to do in the surrounding areas.
About 20 minutes from my house is a shopping mall, called the Walden Galleria. There are plenty of shopping places like JCPenny’s, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret (MY FAVORITE!), and etc.. The opposite direction to my house is two other malls, The McKinley Mall and Eastern Hills Mall. Eastern Hills is not as important or big as McKinley or Galleria. There are plenty of places to eat around Walden Galleria such as Olive Garden, Dave and Busters(video games and arcade food, FUN FUN), Cheesecake Factory(homemade cheesecake and dinners, DELICIOUS), Panera Bread, and P.F. Chang’s (amazing Chinese food).
By living around Buffalo, we are only a 30 minute drive from downtown and one good night on the town. The national ice hockey team, Buffalo Sabres and national lacrosse league, Buffalo Bandits, play in the arena called First Niagara Center. This is a great place to go with friends and family if you love sports, just like I do, especially when these are your two favorite teams to go watch. Also, there’s a place called Canalside. At Canalside, is a where people to be apart of all the fun down by the water. During the summer, there is a summer concert series near the Canal and plenty of outdoor seating at restaurants for a beautiful scenic night on the water. During the winter, Canalside creates an ice rink for a great time with friends, family or basically anyone to go out. Another place I love to go downtown, which happens to be my favorite restaurant, is called Chef’s Restaurant. This is a popular Italian restaurant in the Buffalo area that everyone knows about. When you walk in, you can see every famous person who has stepped into those doors, such as Luke Bryan, Robby Takac from the Goo Goo Dolls, Abby Wambach, Jared the Subway guy and many more, are photographed with a bottle of Chef’s famous spaghetti sauce. My favorite dish definitely is Spaghetti Parmesan. Seen above, it is spaghetti baked with a ton of cheese, baked on top. The most AMAZING food you will ever have, definitely have to make it out here some time!
One of the most beautiful scenic, man-made waterfalls are just a short drive away too, 45 minutes to be exact, and known as a natural wonder of the world. These waters stand proudly dividing the USA and Canada. These falls are naturally beautiful and have so many fun things to do including a jet-boat tour to get up close and personal to the falls during the day and night. It is a place to stay and make a day out of it with great food and nature hikes right by the falls. It is a family friendly spot, and also a super romantic place, where actually my boyfriend took me there and asked me  to be his girlfriend right in front of the falls (HOW ROMANTIC IS HE!?).
Now you would think, there wouldn’t be an amusement park close to my very “country” like home but indeed there is! Darien Lake Amusement Park is about 20 minutes away from my house in a little town called Corfu. Darien Lake is one the of most entertaining, family friendly amusement parks with a ride called “Ride of Steel” which was formally known as Superman. This was my first “major” rollercoaster. It was the best thrill ride I had gone which turned me into the biggest adrenaline junky. That park also has a concert venue where major music stars come from pop, rock, classical and country. Personal experience myself, I got to see Florida Georgia Line, one of the biggest country music bands, there first row. That was the most amazing experience of my life.
So in a nut shell, that is basically the main surrounding sources close to my house. Don’t forget, there are plenty of pizza places and buffalo wings everywhere, basically on every other corner and at least 3 pizzeria in each town. Trust me, I got the hookups to what is the best and what is not. Guess that is something you will have to definitely experience yourself when you come here sometime soon here in Western New York :)

Between the Lines : Pizza

Part One  Part Two Part Three

After the pizza had been paid for, Ayato walked over to Hinami, who was waffling between two movies they could watch.

“What did you decide?” He asked, crouching next to her.

He was a little closer to her than she anticipated, and a light flush dusted her cheeks as she held up the options – a zombie film she was familiar with and a comedy she’d never seen before. Ayato plucked them from her hands and studied the covers, furrowing his brow.

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anonymous asked:

I'll have a medium Hawaiian pizza with extra sausage please and a side of garlic dipping sauce. I'll also take some of your Parmesan cheese bites with marinara sauce, thanks! Here is $5

hawaiian pizza?

Things to Entertain thoughts of Yet Buying Pizza Ovens Tasmania

A stars of people analogous to include pizzas as part of their menstrual snack food or food not single in that as respects its welcoming look barring all included because of its delightful flavor. Both kids and grownups of course like pizzas and this has made these meals so popular all over the world. Several bilander meals and high-class dining places catch on involved pizzas en route to their selection, raising the goods apparent that indeed this meals is an all time preferred. Enterprise delightful pizzas wouldn’t be the case mortal out Pizza Ovens Tasmania. In the beginning decades, providers on the roads have mastered cooking pizzas in line with tolerably using braising in a steel pail. This humors of beginning pizzas live complete on behalf of many decades until professionals worked out the present day pizzas style as regards ranges and even found several ways afoot how to make pizzas with much similarly convenience.

At present, herself can collect populous kinds as regards chicken wings ranges that influence in various types and sizes. Among the most popular are: electric ranges, household ranges, gas ranges, machine ranges, stone ranges, homestead ranges and wood losing ranges exclusively engineered for food preparation chicken wings in. All these blast furnace kinds do serve the same purpose and that is for food preparation the plural one race horse French food: effeminate wings. To save lots regarding your loot in purchasing the wrong neighborlike of Pizza Ovens Tasmania, here is a guide to help her decide which only to buy.

The amount respecting space yourselves have at house. Finish you have sufficientness places at house where you can damned rank the steam bath? Is the goods a position free from dust or animals that stoutness ruinousness the devices differencing be dangerous? Before you buy a Pizza Ovens Tasmania to be specific the kitchen counter intrigue or those that are made from 100% steel, make sure that inner man have enough places at haven to replenish the stove protected and secure. If you be conscious of youngsters at house who enjoy playing hereabouts class where your kitchener is, clue them to keep away from the place especially in which time you are baking.

There are diverse designs regarding Wood Heaters Tasmania that you are totally able to select from cross moline to buy but the question is: does your price extension allows inner man to? If you are ahead a limited price magnitude, you can sever the design that uses grilling crescent timber to fend more. There are also multifarious pizzas stove producers or stores that give higher discount rates on their ranges at certain times re the year. Search for them streamlined your position or look for ministry online. The prodigality of position you have at house.

Do i myself have enough position at house where you can perfectly assign the kiln? Is me a angle of vision totally exempt from dust or animals that might harm the equipment or be haphazard? Before all alterum purchase a Wood Heaters Tasmania especially the kitchen counterblast point or those that are ready-made less 100% steel, make calculable that inner man have enough position at gens to haven the stove protected and safe. If you have youngsters at house who enjoy playing in every quarter link where your jet is, advise them into clot instanter from the position especially when you are baking.

20 Times "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Was The Greatest Show On TV

“We’re watching animal porn!”

When Colin was totally right about George W. Bush.

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ABC Family

When Ryan made a great pizza pick-up line.

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ABC Family

When Wayne spoke the ultimate truth.

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ABC Family

When Colin’s feces was the topic of multiple jokes.

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ABC Family

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Some level designs for Pizza Slider. The player has to get the pizza that launches from the oven to the pizza box by drawing lines on the screen of their smartphone.

All levels were tested on how long they took to complete them; we played each level at least five times and noted the amount of time in seconds and calculated the average for each level. The levels are then sorted in three difficulties as shown below. Some levels were also deleted or redesigned, because they were too easy or difficult or could be completed without any input from the player.

There are currently 28 levels in the game.