pod17: Episode 0.5 - The Beginning.
Closed captioning available! Written, directed, and edited by: Dahlia ( Starring: Annie: Dell, the Redcap (completelyhatstand....

Episode 0.5 of pod17 is out!


Annie: Dell, the Redcap (

Eli-Elise: Harley, the Lycanthrope (

Frannie: Leda, the Naiad (

Kadi Marie Brazil: Brooke Hawthorne, the Human Reporter (

Ky: Wren, the Pixie (

Lyric: Emmeline, the Banshee (

Maya: Calliope, the Siren (

Micaela (Kay): Demetria, the Wraith (

Katy: Voice (

I wanted to do a sort of “classic” Tinkerbell piece. The hardest part was definitely balancing the 3 versions of Tinkerbell’s personality; The Pixie Hollow version that has cute adventures, the one that is sort of a mascot for all things Disney, and the original one that spent 70 minutes trying to murder a toddler. Hopefully, all three are in here somewhere haha
Done in Photoshop.

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