Pixels and Polaroids

Created by Jherin Miller

Note from Artist: Pixels and Polaroids is a series of images I’ve created combining pseudo-Polaroid photography and retro 80s era video game graphics. The concept behind Pixels and Polaroids was to blend these two elements into one world where pixelated characters live through the eye of a Polaroid camera. My goal was to combine retro film photography and retro digital graphics into one interesting world, and you get to view this world and it’s inhabitants through these “photographs”. The experiment was the result of working on my video project: Where the Sun Sleeps. During the making of the video, I thought: “What if instead of basing the characters in this pixelated world I used real world footage as the setting and had the pixelated characters interact with things in the real world”? Already committed to my original project I thought about other ways I could express this concept. That’s when I had the Idea of mix- ing the 2 retro elements of Polaroids and pixel art, and this is the result of that idea.


Vernacular is a fantastic puzzle adventure played through a series of beautifully crafted pixel art Polaroid pictures, with inventive gameplay and striking imagery.

The way in which you interact with Vernacular is truly unique.  You scroll through a selection of Polaroid pictures laid out in front of you and interact with them in a variety of ways - from simply finding a hidden object to drawing a picture.  Your actions on one picture may affect what’s shown on another picture, slowly piecing together a dark and fragmented narrative as you progress.

The inventiveness of the gameplay, excellent pixel artwork and dark subject matter really impress in Vernacular.  A picture perfect pixel art puzzler.

Play the Full Game, Free (Browser)

polaroid pastel philly☁️    *dan version*

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Yayyy! More cc for ya’ll. This one goes to all my fellow nakamas :) So you’ll get rainbow One Piece frames (which comes in two sets bcuz I suck at merging) and recolors of One Billion Pixel’s polaroids (TYSM!). Images are from tokimiya.tk and calgaras.tumblr.com. So big big thanks to them too. Made using S4S, of course.

One Piece Frames: Dropbox

One Piece Polaroids: Dropbox

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