Retain Those Special Moments in Your Life with Pixelist #VDayGiftGuide

Retain Those Special Moments in Your Life with Pixelist #VDayGiftGuide

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Don’t let time destroy your wonderful memories that you captured by a photo. Instead, depend on Pixelist to keep those special moments indefinitely in an oil painting, where you provide the vision and the company takes care of the execution. 

Retain Those Special Moments in Your Life with Pixelist #VDayGiftGuide

Have you ever taken a photograph, which was exceptionally good? I have been lucky to…

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My Pixelist painting of Scotia as a puppy arrived last week (I backed them on Indiegogo). That’s my photo on the left and the painting on the right.

Pixelist takes your Instagram (and other) photos and transforms them into oil paintings. They’re up and running and provided me with great service.


WATCH: friends enter The Matrix via their 140-camera array

The man who will handpaint your Instagram photos –> http://voc.tv/1hD0doe

Last week, I wrote about Pixelist, a new Hong Kong-based startup that enlists Chinese artists to hand-paint your Instagram photos on oil canvases. When I spoke with Will Freeman, the site’s creator, I also learned about Xiamen (pronounced SHIAH-men), a city in southern China that’s locally referred to as a “painting village.”

Freeman has contracted with a small cadre of artists in Xiamen for his Instagram business, but the city is home to about 12,000 other painters. (Xiamen has a population of 3.6 million.) Some of them paint in large factories, producing Ikea-esque oil canvasses en masse, while others take custom assignments–mostly from Westerners. Paintings from Xiamen wind up in hotels, office buildings, restaurants and condo complexes around the U.S. and Europe.


Now everyone can enjoy art :)

Here’s a fantastic idea to bring your images to life. Using your simple iPhone pics Pixelist will turn your pic into an incredible oil painting to be enjoyed forever. What a great way to capture life’s moments for everyone to appreciate.

[vimeo 68294424…

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Turn Your Instagram Photos Into beautiful Oil Paintings by Chinese Artists
No machines involved, just real painters.


No sé si fue un mensaje de esos genéricos, pero me invitaron a ser “crítica” en una página que se llama Pixelist.com.

Suena bastante interesante, es como una batalla, y si pierdes, pues pierdes XD La verdad no sé explicarlo bien, pero me emociona que por mis critiques given en deviantart me hayan invitado. Que ahí es donde entra mi duda de si era un mensaje genérico o no, porque creo CREO que todas mis criticas en dA han sido en español, y el chavo este es francés (se supone) y me invitó en inglés. So yeah. De todos modos esperaré a ver si me responde el tipito éste porque le pregunté algunas cosas sobre la página y si me contesta bien y me convence, a lo mejor le entro x3