LadyBug is a fun, fast paced stealth ninja murder-em-up that sees you playing a woman/bug hybrid escaping a research facility and killing all her captors along the way.

Gameplay in LadyBug is incredibly fast placed, with levels that can be completed in seconds (if you’re skilful enough).  Your ladybug can scuttle along pretty fast, perform super high jumps and climb along walls and ceilings.  It takes a little while to master her controls, but once you do, you’ll feel like a deadly wall-crawling ninja.  

LadyBug may sound like a cute name, but really she’s a psychotic blood-spilling Spiderman!

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sharks-are-frickin-rad asked:

Can you make me a pixel shark wallpaper? I fucking love your work.

Thank you!

Although I don’t mind making free little requests, a wallpaper would take too much time to make and thereby be a commission work, not a request. If you really want one, you can contact me at lucile.patron [at] gmail.com, so we can talk about it.


MegaSphere is a fast paced 2D sci-fi action platforming shooter with roguelike elements, in which you play as a special ops combat unit in a ‘post-cyberpunk world’ that’s sent out to investigate why stars in a solar systems going dark.

MegaSphere impresses with its supercharged pixel art visuals, engaging atmosphere and its crazy combat.  There’s a great selection of upgradable weaponry that can be used to bast a wide variety of enemies with unique attack patterns and behaviours.  Thanks to the randomly generated worlds, you’ll also get a different experience every time you play.

Even in Alpha, MegaSphere looks fantastic and plays superbly, with vibrant neon visuals and fast, flowing gameplay.  Lots of fun with OTT guns.

Play The Alpha Demo, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)

lil-drumma-boy asked:

I really love your art! It's so colorful, and your style is very pleasing to look at! Also, your tutorials have helped me in my own pixelated endeavors! So thank you for being so awesome!

Thank you very much! I’m very happy to know that my tutorials are helpful. :)
Good luck with your pixels!


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