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PENELOPE PITSTOP & RAT FINK, A Cartoon Jumble by Jeremy Eaton
9" x 12", India ink & gouache on manila drawing paper.



Alex had to remind himself that for now, they can breathe. They had driven for hours, not certain exactly how long they had been driving. Bt he knew that he needed to get Damian away from his father, as far as he could. They weren’t at Damian’s hideout, not yet, but the car was running low on gas, he was starving, and he was certain that the older man deserved a better place to rest than the passenger seat of some car. They chose a low profile motel, some place that had a clean bathroom, a soft bed, and privacy, and now that they had settled, Alex was slowly taking in the gravity of the situation they were in. The young man sat on his bed, clad only in a pair of boxers, taking a drag from a cigarette he had been dying to take since early that morning. His eyes glanced over at Damian who was on the other bed.

“You should eat something. Or rest. I got a few pain killers when I bought food. They should help a little bit.” Somehow, some of the earlier bruises looked even worse, skin painted with purplish hues. He had been itching to give the other man an embrace but after the earlier aggression, he thought better of it. Instead, he ticked the ash down to the motel room floor and helped himself to some chips. Not entirely filling, but he found that his appetite had gone as soon as they checked in. “Let’s just get a few hours of proper sleep and we can leave first thing tomorrow morning, okay?” Alex offered up a weak smile, the only smile he could muster at the moment.

karkat and the bartender. when you were distractedfamiliarizing yourself with that lovely entertainer, you may or may not have left your companion in the hands of a well-built beverage mixer. karkat does not imbibe but he admitted that they had a tolerable conversation. 

the bartender possesses a small but sharp set of tusks, a pair of cloven feet, and a flirtatious smile that he flicks karkat’s way. (karkat awkwardly turns him down.) his race, who call themselves Treodoruun, is from a nearby system.