Sarracenia minor is a curious-looking pitcher plant with a wide range, along the coastal plain from southeastern North Carolina south into the northern half of Florida. In most of its range the leaves average around 12 inches (30.5 cm) in height. Insects are lured towards the lip of the mouth with nectar trails and fooled into thinking the light windows are a way of escape. They fall down the tube when they head for the light, where the digestive juices await.


i love the variation of sarracenia purpurea at this site. some have almost closed hoods. some have hoods that are wide open. some are tall and slender, others are short and chubby. some have dark veins, some have almost none. some are more green, some are more red…

i’m pretty sure there are two subspecies in the area, and probably ones that are hybrids, but unless they have obvious telltale signs, i suck at telling them apart.


The amazing work of Elena Vizerskaya. She posted: 

“Теперь вместо квадратиков буду лепит на интимные места цветочки или факи. В зависимости от настроения”

(Google translate says: “Now, instead of squares will sculpts the intimate places flowers or Fakie. Depending on the mood”)


Nepenthes jamban 

Native to the montane forests of Northen Sumatra, (typically 1800 - 2100 metres above sea level) N. jamban  is distinct among Nepenthes in its particularly infundibular (funnel shaped) pitchers and its narrow operculum containing 20 - 30 visible glands concentrated at its apex. (glands not visible in these photos.

Top left is a terrestrial pitcher while top right and bottom are upper pitchers. (a particular Nepenthes species’ pitchers size and shape is usually affected by whether or not a pitcher is close to or on the ground or attatched to the climbing vine and therefore elevated. Lower pitchers tend to be larger, wider and more colourful while upper pitchers are more slender and less colourful, FYI. :))

Source: Wikipedia

Photo Credit:  Alfindra Primaldhi


My African grey, ChuChu! She doesn’t get photographed very often because a.) how dare my hands be occupied doing something other than scritching her and b.) the camera looks like most fun thing to destroy with face can-opener. 


Nepenthes x ‘Miranda’ is in the family Nepenthaceae. This species is a hybrid between two southeast Asian species N. maxima and N. northiana. Nepenthes species are considered either highland or lowland depending on their native habitat. However, this hybrid is considered both highland and lowland based on its two parent species. The long, red speckled pitchers make this hybrid much sought after in the carnivorous plant trade.