Four Strata Pizza, from Soul Music by Terry Pratchett!

Do you ever read a description of troll food and then salivate ever so slightly like the ill-advised risktaker that you are? Well then come right in, because have I got the throat-searing recipe for you!

They said nothing all the way to Gimlet’s Delicatessen. They said nothing while they waited in the queue, and then all they said was: ‘So … right … that’s one Quatre Rodenti with extra newts, hold the chillis, one Klatchian Hots with double salami and a Four Strata, no pitchblende.’ They sat down to wait. The guitar played a little four-note riff. They tried not to think about it.

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SPEED KILLS #5, Volume 3  1993 (cover), SCOTT RUTHERFORD, Editor

  • <sigh>
  • Okay. There’s the music + faux hot rod/kustum kulture lifestyle zines of the early 90’s we’ve heretofore ignored, for good reason. While there was some occasional decent overlap with subunderground music channels, we here at Fuckin’ Record Reviews really couldn’t take all that hot rod action seriously, so anything with hot rods (other than Kicks) was traded for back issues of The Economist. Seems we kept Speed Kills around though, cuz the music action was generally okay.
  • We’ve no doubt there’s an anonymous editor at Fuckin’ Hot Rod Reviews saying the exact same thing about the hot rod + faux music zines of the 90’s. 
  • Have a nice day.

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