“Cut Me Out” - PitchBlak Brass Band

Hey Maryland, what’s up? It was a real pleasure to work on this because I spent the first 23 years of my life in Maryland and I think it’s the greatest state, no offense Brooklyn. I love it here too. I love it, I love Brooklyn, anyway.

So uh, I was given 8 songs from Bond St. District who are just absolutely amazing performers, amazing musicians and really nice guys. Um, and my process… I kind of listened to each song and transcribed it on my midi keyboard, put it into music notation, um, and arranged it for this band, all 9 of us. And this is, uh, a first time thing for us is working with Paul here, who has this awesome electronic set up, which is very impressive, and uh, you know, the guys were, we were supposed to rehearse with them twice last week, but there was a blizzard so we actually had to cancel both of those rehearsals, um, which made me a little nervous until I spoke with Paul on the phone and I was totally reassured and convinced of his musicianship just from speaking with him for 10 minutes. And we put this all together for you yesterday and I think it’s sounding dope as fuck and I hope you enjoy it, I hope you enjoy it. So let’s bring out Bond St. District!”

Photo by Bruce Kung


Mr. Green feat. World’s Fair & PitchBlak Brass Band - Play the Back (Live from the Streets) (Ep. 6)


PitchBlak Brass Band live


remember in 2011 when PitchBlak Brass band performed at our bklyn boihood Loft party?! So dopppe! Help them make an album!! (pictured Cee Crichlow, band leader, and 2010 bklyn boihood calendar model: http://www.bklynboihood.com/2012-calendar-bois/2010-11/)