GOD, I made this way back during last june. Where the fuck does time go?! XD

if you want me,

text me or call me. i am exhausted and i am going to sleep.

good news is, i fixed my pitch pipe. i just had to tighten the bolt. i feel like a genius for fixing it myself. i saw the inside and then got scared that i might not be able to put it back together but i did :)

anyway. good night :D

Idk if I’ve already posted this here. 

Early Christmas present to myself! Ordered it on 20th at 12am on Amazon, got it on the 21st. T'was fast!

It’s a Tombo P13e Chromatic Pitch Pipe, from Japan.

An A Capella singer/Barbershop singer must-have. It’s way tuned in key unlike other standard pitch pipes. I checked and made sure they were the right frequencies!

Couldn’t have thought of a better gift for myself!