Body Confidence-Bechloe

Heyyy! So I’m sorry Anon a mix up happened so I can’t show you’re message. But thanks for the super cute compliments and the awesome prompt❤️❤️

Chloe’s warm hand pressed into the soft skin upon Beca’s cheek, eliciting a moan from the petite brunette and their kiss to intensify rather rapidly.

But suddenly, the ability to breath through her nose was pulled out from underneath her feet and Beca was pulling away, causing Chloe’s other hand which was by then beneath her shirt to freeze. “Sorry Becs. I know we haven’t spoken about taking this to a next level and stuff. I should have asked you.” Chloe said quickly followed by another string of apologies.

A pang of guilt stung in Beca’s chest as she focused on the genuinely worried look in Chloe’s eyes. “No. It’s really not you Chlo. It’s me.” She assured, placing a hand over one of Chloe’s as she had brought them back to herself.

The two teenagers just kind of sat smiling apologetically at each other for a couple of seconds. “Well can we talk about it now?” Chloe asked tentatively.

Beca took a deep breath. “What is there to talk about Chlo?”

“We’re sixteen Beca. I have thoughts and feelings and stuff…” Chloe shuffled uncomfortably at the never before discussed topic.

“You have these feelings towards me?”

“No. Just towards the other girl I’ve been in love with since I was six years old!” Chloe giggled because she was never too great at getting her tone quite right for sarcasm.

Beca let out a quiet chuckle like she as trying to ease her own nerves and awkwardness. But it wasn’t really working.

When she was younger, Beca actually packed a few pounds. If you were to ask Chloe or her Mom, they’d tell you that she wasn’t fat, just a little thicker than now. But it honestly left her with next to no body confidence not even around the girl whom she was the absolute most comfortable with ever.

“I can tell something’s bothering you Becs. Can you tell me?” Chloe asked softly and this time her smile was a little more warm and genuine.

“I just…I don’t know.”

“You know you can tell me anything.”

Beca bit her lip for a moment and contemplated whether or not she should lie. But when she really took in Chloe’s look of pure care, she knew that there was no way on Earth that she couldn’t tell the truth. “I’m just not very confident with my body. Never have been.” Beca blurred out bluntly.

Chloe poured. “But you’re beautiful. Look at you Becs. You have a perfect body.”

“But I used to be fat.” Beca’s voice was reduced to a whisper. She hated thinking about her previous self.

“You’ve always been beautiful.”

“You’re just saying th-“

“Beca Mitchell you have always been the most beautiful girl in the entire world. So I’m going to need you to stop thinking otherwise because I love you.”

“I love you.”

Me, blowing a kiss to the sky: for Mike Faist

Me, blowing a kiss, but this time to my garden: for Ben Platt

Me, setting my computer on fire: a͉̮̘̫ ̩̦͚̖̯͈̫s̝̫a̱͈̯͚͖͙c̥̟̣͍̥̣ri̜̜f̰̦ịce̗̥͚̺͖̱ t̝͉̬̗̝͕ͅo ̠͚̳̖̮m̰y͕̤ ̭̣̲̘l̟͖̣̘̻̟ọ͚͕̪̙͓̫r̟d̗͎̲͔̳ ̱̹̳̯̬̦ͅo̪̟̯̲̱f̺ ḍ͕͖̹an͕̣̙̜̱k̥ ̩̭̼m̦͔̟̭̫͈e͙̰͈̱̭̩ͅm̘͖̙̗e̝̣s̯̘̦͓̮͇̝,̖͇̖ ̼̟̼̘W̬̼̙̥͇͍͓il̮̩̮̭̯̜l ͉͔͇R̠̟o̼̜l̹̖͕̻a̤̦n͈͓̟̩d͉

Imagine, like, a pitch perfect movie, but there’s this one singer like, who knows literally no pop music. They can sing but, like, they’re totally useless in the riff offs, and they get teased and made fun of cause they’re the biggest musical theatre nerd. Except at the end of the movie, the riff off category is ‘songs from musicals’ and everyone’s like ughhh whatt but that one kid is like OH MY GOD YES YOU BITCES BETTER BE READY and everyones like eww can’t we have a different category and then they start with something rlly jazzy like ‘hey big spender’ and ppl are impressed cause they thought all musical theatre music was rlly ugh and boring and uncool. And all the other teams are rlly struggling to even keep up and they’re all doing really predictable obvious stuff from disney films n stuff, and even the kid’s own team are like, almost lost and they’re just following cause this guy HAS FKN GOT THIS. and (s)he’s winning so good and is just DOIN IT. and then they sing like ‘so big/so small’ or something and they get to ‘is there another truck in the driveway? A truck that will take mommy away?’ and people are like Oh. Oh no. OH NO I DIDN’T COME TO THIS RIFF OFF TO HAVE THE PACIFIC OCEAN COME OUT MY EYES and from then on no one makes fun of them ever again

and I don’t think you understand how much I want this to be real cause tbh that kid would literally be me.