i wasn’t aware of there being a contest at PitLovers on dA, so yeah

after having some difficulties on the app i used for the majority of this piece, i finally worked out most of the things i wanted to fix.

the liquid coming from the (heart? bean? idk man, i mean, i tried to make it look like a heart (so just call it a heart ok)) was originally pink, but i changed the lineart to brown since Pit looks better in brown imo. tried to make the fingers grasp the heart (it was like that in the sketch), but they turned out to be digging into it instead.

Palutena wasn’t saved as the app kept crashing on me whenever i tried to do her outline. so yeah, she’s blurred out in her sketch phase.

the most things i mentioned earlier were really some of the special effects i wanted to put here, but knowing that i’m still a beginner at this is in the works.

this piece is pretty much of an excuse of me using my favorite color, but know that it’s February and you should’ve expected as much.

sorry if this got wordy, but just wanted to let you know that this was an ok attempt at this since of the app i use constantly crashed whenever i tried to do Palutena.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

or some other holiday/regular day/whatever you’re currently experiencing somewhere around your area.

(fancam) 170217 ‘Twiceland’ Opening Concert - ‘Pit A Pat’
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