Star crossed (m); part 01

Genre: Angst, smut, BTS, Jeongguk

A/n: this got deleted on accident, more notes at the bottom!

You two were like the mundane soft rain with a murderous thunder. The pit-pat of rain drops descending from the thick clouds down to the manmade glass, rolling down the pane, and then down the drain; you often felt as if you and the clouds could cry the same amount in a single day. The roar of thunder, the high temper he could unleash like a tornado, the fierce gaze he never failed to use to scare his opponents away – Jeon Jeongguk often felt like he and the thunder could growl the same amount in a single day.

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If I had to pick a favorite Mr. Show sketch…that would be really hard.  But this would most certainly be in the top ten!