Contest Entry for PitLovers’ Comic contest

Inspiration comes from this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFkfMS…

If my paper were any bigger, I would probably had Pit punch Dark Pit in the face Little Mac-style.

I bet there are moments where anyone intruding on Pit’s personal space can even make him tick. Or something like that. I’m actually having a hard time wording out the thoughts in my head. Probably because I have a cab scheduled and I’m under the pressure of time.

Pit © Nintendo

Comic © TwilightMoon1996 on Tumblr

This is the first time in a LOOOOONG while that I drew Pit shirtless. 5th grade me would be so proud. 8th grade me would be disgusted by me. Baby me wouldn’t care because she hadn’t developed the cognitive ability to comprehend the appeal of shirtless people.