Have a Pit for the togetheralone day

at least we have our cute little angel(?) xD

Fight to Win - Season Finale - Sephiroth Vs Pit

(Author’s note: If you are new to Fight to Win, this chapter isn’t a great place to start. This is the finale of the first season, and as such has a whole segment dedicated to callbacks and previously established events in the series. The stats of Sephiroth and Pit as well as their battle can still stand on their own, but if you haven’t been reading the series thus far, you may be totally lost on the middle segment involving many past characters. Feel free to scroll past and proceed to the fight itself, and/or read some other episodes before revisiting this one! Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!)

You’ve seen champions born and rivalries forged. Legends fall, and underdogs triumph.

I’m Tommy the Bomb-Y, and it’s been my pleasure to pit two of fiction’s beloved characters against one another for 20 episodes now. Tonight is no different.

Sephiroth, the One Winged Angel

And Pit, Captain of Palutena’s Army

Join me, Tommy the Bomb-Y, along with this season’s prior guest stars; DJ Funky Freeman, Evan, Math, and JC, along with all nineteen prior victors of my show this season, as we find out who will come out on top in another…




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