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i was tagged by @lohaze and @erenout. stuff under the cut

Every child had that one toy they couldn’t let go of and was well worn and loved. What was yours? uh a big stitch plush from lilo+stitch. i was afraid of it at first but it grew on me

Do you prefer talking or texting? depends. texting for day-to-day stuff, talking if i have Big Dirt to drop bc texting is kinda hard when it comes to long scoops of information

If you’re playing pokemon go, why did you pick your team? bc the other teams had super lame descriptions. mystic is the only way 2 go

Favorite disney villian? idk

Usual Starbucks order (or other coffee shop) i usually order food from the lil pastry thing tbh. i dont care if flies have vomited on every inch, if its not moldy its still good

What two ice cream flavors sound like they shouldn’t go together, but actually really, really do? black cherry + pistachio . i luved spumoni as a kid but they dont seem to sell it anywhere anymore

Do you have any vivid memories from childhood? If so, what? uhh the phone ringing like crazy and i tried to be the Good Child and answer it, and there was only Loud Static on the other end and it spooked me so bad i went outside and sat in the mud for like 30 minutes and refused to come inside

Have you thought about what you want to be for Halloween this year? If so, what? ill probably stay indoors tbh? i dont know the city ill be staying in that well and idk what the plans are of the friends ill be living with

Do you collect anything? If so tell me what it is, and do you remember how you started? :0 i do not collect anything other than pokemon in pokemon games

Do you believe in love at first sight? Explain. nnnnnnot really but my opinion on romance is kinda low right now anyways because i am single + lonely 👌

What is your favourite mythical creature/cryptid/legend? wendigo probs

If you could master any one skill, what skill would you like to have and why? writing i guess bc the ability to convey stuff easily is important for accomplishing things

If there were two guys on the moon and one of them killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what? absolutely

uhh my questions to others

What’s the strangest thing you ever experienced?
Do you have any vivid memories from childhood? If so, what?
What’s your favorite animal and why?
What is your favorite mythical creature/cryptid/legend?

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