What the fuck is wrong with Tumblr?

Why would they put fucking Poltergeist jump scare gifs randomly on your dash? I was staring at it like “wtf is this” and nearly shit my pants at this clown puppet shit coming for my life. I’m so angry what the fuck is your problem staff

Apparently I accidentally spilled a drop of my drink on the screen of my computer, so when I tilted it, I suddenly saw something liquid running down  my computer screen.

For whatever reason I thought it was blood and I panicked. I thought my computer was bleeding.

Mori needs a break from technology

anonymous asked:

I Le love le ebin memes like you (rare pepe tbh lol tbh) and I agree.... Like who cares? lmao btw if u ever post ur rap in reddit I'll upvote and give gold :D yes, 'tis an awesome place to post your great music!!

I too enjoy pissing on myself

well actually Stephan brought some stale cookie shit

dear god my first semester of college was amazing

then came the spring semester and im literally failing every class ever and im so pissed off at myself 

barely passing chem too because I failed my final and im really hoping she takes pity on me and gives me a C in the course im freaking out

emailed the professor about my grade and im hoping she says that she’s curving our grades oh my god i cant do anything in my major without this class

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what! it’s friday and it’s not even that late! i’ve only had one beer so far, i’m behind schedule from fucking around with my webcam for far too long (i spent fucking AGES distorting my face and nearly pissing myself)

I’ve only seen you stay past 10:30 probably like, 5 times at most. And then there was another time when you were liking my posts at like 4 in the morning, I figured you were having trouble sleeping or smth.

why the signs are pissed off at you
  • aries:you interrupted their 10 minute story about something dumb
  • taurus:you told them they looked good even though their hair was all fucked up
  • gemini:you glanced at that guy/girl they like
  • cancer:who knows....
  • leo:you didn't retweet that one tweet they made about their thoughts on america that got 31 retweets
  • virgo:you corrected their grammar
  • libra:you touched them
  • scorpio:you won't stop SinGing ALL ABOUT THAT BASS
  • sagittarius:every time they say something you just keep staring at them like you don't understand what they're saying
  • capricorn:you keep saying stupid shit that doesn't make sense at all
  • aquarius:you dragged them to your older sisters graduation and didn't even take them to a cool party afterwards
  • pisces:you're being selfish and treating everyone in the group rudely for no reason at all

so around November last year i made this post  and i have come really far from where i was then. I still have trouble with my eyes but I’ve learned that im cute af and my eyes are nothing to be ashamed of. Being different is not weird its what makes you who you are. @ anons talking shit about my eyes fuck you im so cute and so are my eyes take your nasty ass somewhere else thx