I really have too much time on my hands to be compiling every single sudden frown Jack makes.


the funniest film rant i’ve ever seen i’m in tears

Up Is Down is one of the best scenes in PotC ever and also an excellent showcase of Johnny’s acting. Try doing the “what is that? I don’t know. What do you think?” As three convicingly different sounding people without missing beat like he does. It’s so hard to do. And the noises he makes before he runs across the ship. It’s amazing.

Also the score is an excellent take on the Jack Sparrow theme with a little bit of silly and Going Crazy added in there and then the adventurous music when they tip the ship.


So I was looking up sea shanties for Captain Hook to sing because that’s what my life has come to and it honestly blows my mind that the Pirates of the Caribbean writers actually wrote ‘Hoist The Colours High’. You know, the song they sing all throughout the movies? The one that all of the prisoners about to be hanged sing in one of the best openings to any movie ever?

This one:


That one.

And it’s just so baffling to me because it actually sounds like a sea shanty right out of the 1700s to the point where I really thought it was (and am disappointed that I can’t use it) and it’s just - this entire franchise started off as a theme park ride and say what you will about the sequels but how do you even come up with music that amazing and realistic?