Hero - Sherlock x Reader

Reader gets drunk to distract Sherlock (Requested by anon)

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Sherlock lay on the couch, the light from the streetlamps outside was the only light in the flat. It was 1am and Sherlock was bored. 

His phone buzzed from the table across the room and Sherlock got up, instantly knowing who it would be.

“(Y/n).” He stated, after pressing the answer call button.

“Sherlock!” Your slurred voice came through the line, the sound of a busy street and a rowdy crowd in the background.

Sherlock sighed, slipping his coat on while he kept his phone pressed against his ear. “I’ll come and pick you up.” He said before you could ask.

You smiled, “Thank you Sherly, my hero.”

“I’m not a-” But you had hung up and Sherlock was cut off by the insistent beeping. 


Cab after cab pulled up outside the pub but none of them seemed to be Sherlock. You leaned against the lamppost to support yourself, the noise giving you a headache.

Then the cab pulled up and Sherlock got out. 

“Sherl!” You laughed, giddy, “My he-”

“Yes, yes, come on.” Sherlock wrapped an arm around you to support you as he walked you back to the cab.

“You better have money for this.” The cabbie said and Sherlock gave you an expectant look.

“Oh you’re kidding. How did you get this smashed without a wallet?” He asked.

You shrugged.

“You know what? It actually doesn’t surprise me.” He looked back at the Cabbie.

“So you can’t pay me?” The Cabbie said slowly. 

“Unless you accept semi-pilote conversation then unfortunately no.” Sherlock said with a smile.

“For fuck’s sakes! Get out!” The Cabbie yelled.

Sherlock quickly ushered you out and back onto the street where you’d waited half an hour.

You laughed, holding onto Sherlock’s coat for support.

“What’s so funny?”



“Yeah.” You giggled, “You come to rescue me but just get yourself dumped off here yourself.”

Sherlock chuckled, “I did say I wasn’t a hero.”

You shook your head, laughing, “Oh no you’re still a hero, just not a very good one.” You punched his arm slightly before waltzing off down the street.

“Come on! We’ve got a long walk ahead of us!” You called over your shoulder.

“Aye aye Captain.” Sherlock mumbled.


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For the six sentence Sunday: «Should anyone here present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.» thank you! 😊

I don’t want to be dramatic, but I feel like I just wrote a bit of an epic swashbuckling romance in five sentences lol. Idk, this was the scene that came to my head when I read your opening sentence… Enjoy! 😆 

“Should anyone here present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

The doors crashed open and the few people in that seaside chapel turned to see the famed Captain Holmes standing there with his sword drawn.  

“You see, I did warn you that I would burn the heart out of you,” Moriarty taunted as he restrained his forced bride Molly Hooper from bolting toward the man she truly loved.

“But did you stop to think, Moriarty,” Sherlock asked as he advanced slowly and observed the scene at the alter, “whether my heart was perhaps more than even you could handle?”

Just then, Molly pulled a concealed dagger from the sleeve of her gown and turned to plunge it in the chest of the mad man who was too distracted by his enemy to pay attention to the woman that he wrongly assumed could be no threat to him.

She wasted no time in stepping over Moriarty, rushing into Sherlock’s arms, and kissing him till they could barely breathe…both silently vowing never to be parted again. ❤️ 

Being Sherlock and Mycroft’s Little Sister Would Involve

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  • Petty arguments with Sherlock about “trivial things” as Mycroft says but as soon as Mycroft tells you two to “Stop acting like children” you and Sherlock would turn on him. You imitating Mycroft, Sherlock with a quick comeback.
  • You’d be as smart as Sherlock but a little more absent minded. Sometimes you’d notice things that he wouldn’t but wouldn’t mention it because Sherlock probably already noticed and you’d just annoy him. Sherlock would soon realise you noticed different things so would start asking you.
  • They would both be very protective older brothers. Mycroft would be exhausted worrying about you both but he would know that if you and Sherlock went missing together you’d be fine.
  • Buying Sherlock Pirate themed birthday gifts every year. He raises an eyebrow at you but can’t help smiling when no one’s looking.
  • Buying Mycroft a keychain with an umbrella on it.
  • Often showing up to wherever Mycroft or Sherlock are because you’re “bored” and “need supervision, don’t I brother mine?”
  • Moriarty would get an interest in you. At first only to get to Sherlock but he quickly realises you’re quite interesting yourself. You’d tease him, mainly just to annoy Sherlock and Mycroft. Mycroft would “forbid” you from seeing him but you’d just laugh, knowing that wouldn’t work.
  • Sherlock calling you once to ask you for advice with Jeanine or Irene. He hung up because you wouldn’t stop laughing for three whole minutes.
    “Are you quite finished?”
    ‘Yes, sorry I just-” You burst into laughter again and Sherlock gives up.
  • When you were younger you’d be trying constantly to get their attention. You’d have learnt what interests them and would use this to your advantage. When you were in your teens, you would put yourself in slightly dangerous situations to get their attention. This would annoy Mycroft but amuse Sherlock.
  • They’d call you to settle their arguments. You’d flip a coin and give them a quick answer when you were preoccupied.
  • Teasing them, and receiving the same in return.
  • Learning to fight with a normal umbrella (without the sword) just to annoy Mycroft. He thinks it’s quite impressive.
  • John would at first think you were Sherlock’s girlfriend, or Mrs Hudson’s grand daughter. You’d think this was hilarious but Sherlock would just roll his eyes and carry on with the previous topic.
  • Sherlock worrying about you when you call him to say you’re bored. He picks you up and takes you on a case, knowing what you tend to do when you get bored.
  • Lestrade would be impressed by you. He’d quite enjoy talking to you. 
  • Even though Sherlock and Mycroft could be arrogant, petty and overprotective, you’d love them, and would be sure to remind them of this constantly (if only to make them uncomfortable).

Being Mycroft’s Daughter Would Include



Can you imagine a young Sherlock Holmes running around with an eye patch and a toy sword and he keeps jumping on the sofa (his pirate ship) and trying to tackle Mycroft (his hostage from an enemy ship) and while his parents think it’s cute that he’s having fun his energy levels are getting problematic so they buy him books on pirates where he learns about telescopes and so his parents buy him one (if he promises to behave) and he eventually starts to use it to be observant and look closely at things. He builds up a catalogue in his head of little things he notices and his pirate books become more history and science and then computing and as he reaches late teens he starts reading criminal psychology and solving cases and even though he’s an adult he still has his first little telescope in a neat wooden box somewhere In his old room in his parents house.

Reasons why Hillywood is AWESOME (Not very good reasons but who cares)

1) Sherlock Parody

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2) Supernatural Parody

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3) The girls in general

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4) The show in genral

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5) Hannah Hindi as Ron

Some new PirateLock, because the old picture people keep finding is old and bad.

Sherlock’s costume is mine, although I changed the coat pattern for this.

John’s costume is timevstheworld’s sans eyepatch because im dumb and realized his visible eye in this was the eye with the eyepatch.