Seriously though, help me!

This movie is even worse than Batman Forever! I know everyone else has said this, and I know this “film” has acquired an unbelievable amount of hate over the years, but it’s earned it. It has earned every single one of the negative reviews it’s received because it’s so rottenly bad that it’s not even funny.

The acting is terrible, the special effects look unfinished, the story is stupid, there’s no chemistry, no pacing, no atmosphere, and the setting is just ludicrous. I can’t believe how bad they could treat Batman and the Dark Knight mythology, but this is a new low. I guess the only good thing to come out of this is that we can’t sink lower than this…right?

And now, if you excuse me, I need an aspirin. And a hug. I haven’t been so sad in quite some time.

Featuring: Pirate Dash as Mr. Freeze (Batman: Arkham City) and Pun Pony as Mr. Freeze (Batman: The Animated Series).


Seriously though, what a fantastic science fiction movie!

I’m impressed in every single imaginable way with this film. I mean, it does have a very basic story and it follows it almost like a connect-the-dots painting, but it does it so well!

The acting is fantastic, especially from Alec Guinness as Obi Wan Kenobi. The heroes are all likeable and worth rooting for. The bad guys are evil but fun at the same time (that Darth Vader guy, what a great baddie he is). The action is engaging and really well shot. But what makes this one so great is the setting.

This movie must have been groundbreaking when it first came out, it has such a unique look and it’s presented so well that you get sucked into the universe without even noticing. Despite all the bounty hunters, aerial assaults, airborne battles, intergalactic chases and dangers that the Rebel Alliance faces, this is still a galaxy I’d like to visit. And this is just the first movie. There’s two more left! I can’t wait to see what they have to offer!

Featuring: Pirate Dash as Han Solo, Flufflepuff as Chewbacca, and Pun as Obi Pun Kenobi.

'Blue' humor...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): ...'BLUE BALLS'
  • Mary: Oh
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): .......
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): DOHOHOHO XD
  • Mary: my
  • Mary: Gosh
  • Mary: XD
  • Pencil Scratch: -10/10
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) shows self out
  • Pencil Scratch: asdfsd
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): XDDDD
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): PENCIL DONT EVEN
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): THAT WAS A SOLID 10
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Do I want to put that on PD Puns? XD
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): As you wish xD
  • Pencil Scratch: it was an evil 10 nega 10

I’m not sure if it’s treasure or just stuff she’s too lazy to take all the way to the curb for trash pickup! Either way, you can see more of the apprentice to my mastery of puns at Ask Pirate Dash!

Artwork by Kayla The Unicorn
Script #1380

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I'm lovin' it...
  • Scramjet: [8:44 AM] Violet Satin (Magic Rarity):
  • <<< They betrayed you?
  • They were supposed to be selling Lego Movie merch, but they weren't
  • Teej: Well all you can do Scram is just Lego that failed attempt and try again next time
  • Scramjet: :/
  • Scramjet: punnnsssss
  • Teej: Yes
  • Luna Octavia (Raven Horn): Lego my Eggo?
  • Teej: Scram, when's the next time you're going to jet off to McDonalds?
  • Scramjet: Scramjet rolls around on the floor
  • Teej: Scram, when you go to McDonalds, do you usually put anything on your burger, or do you just get it plane?
  • Scramjet: I'm gonna hit you Teej >:/
  • Scramjet: You butt
  • Teej: LOL
Dream's music tastes...
  • Mic Boom: Fuck
  • Mic Boom: It's snowing again
  • Ahmedz: gimme some snow
  • Mic Boom: Come take it
  • Mic Boom: All of it
  • Mic Boom: All 7 inches of it
  • Ahmedz: hawt
  • Mic Boom: No
  • Mic Boom: Quite the opposite actually
  • Ahmedz: cool
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ: whats cooler than bein cool
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ: ice cold!
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ: alrightalrightalrightalrightalright
  • Mic Boom: Dream
  • Mic Boom: Why would you do nonsense like that
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ: thats me
  • Mic Boom: It's no wonder you're an...
  • Mic Boom: Mic Boom puts on eyepatch
  • Mic Boom: ...'OutKast'
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ: no
  • ヽ( ᐛ )ノ: B(
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): I'm sorry, it was too perfect XD
Alec draws guns...
  • Alec (DeadRainbowDash): Ugh, screw this, I'll draw the gun later tonight...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Good plan on that, you don't wanna mess things up by...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): ...jumping the gun
  • Alec (DeadRainbowDash): Dammit TJ XD
  • Alec (DeadRainbowDash): Someday, I might reach my...
  • Alec (DeadRainbowDash): Alec (DeadRainbowDash) borrows eyepatch
  • Alec (DeadRainbowDash): ... "trigger" point on these puns
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): LOL
  • Adamant Pony (AskTheNightGuards): Oh please. You don't want to go off
  • Adamant Pony (AskTheNightGuards): Adamant Pony (AskTheNightGuards) borrows the eyepatch from Alec
  • Adamant Pony (AskTheNightGuards): half-cocked.
  • skypeforcadenceandluna: Double daw!
  • skypeforcadenceandluna: thats no good at all
  • skypeforcadenceandluna: ;A;
  • Pencil Scratch: quick photosynthesis
  • GraphicLee (NinjaTwi/EtchASketch): GraphicLee (NinjaTwi/EtchASketch) wants to hear singing
  • Pencil Scratch: la laa laa laaa llaaaaaa~
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): What blogs do you run, new person?
  • Pencil Scratch: *window shattering*
  • Siebe: Internet Explorer and Console Ponies
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): new person?
  • skypeforcadenceandluna: You said you didn't know me liar
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): !
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): MARYYYY
  • Siebe: It’s Mary TJ, I’ll admit I’m a tiny bit surprised you didn’t know ^^’
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): I DO KNOW YOU
  • Siebe: Oh
  • Siebe: I don’t Mary
  • skypeforcadenceandluna: Oh hello 'w'
  • Siebe: that was a guess
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Oh, it's Mary
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): I WUBS BOTH IE AND CONSOLES 8D
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): red xbox makes me want to hug her ;w;
  • Pencil Scratch: ^
  • skypeforcadenceandluna: oo
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Well welcome aboard, and I trust that this new friendship will be good to...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) puts on eyepatch
  • skypeforcadenceandluna: oh no
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): ...'Explorer', and that is something...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): ...'Wii' can agree one
  • GraphicLee (NinjaTwi/EtchASketch): DOUBLE PUNS!
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): god
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): fucking
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): TJ
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): I swear
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): to god
  • Pencil Scratch: 9/10 for the combo
  • Mary: XD
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): if you are like this while driving
  • AlSkylark (Scootaloo the Adventurer): I'm hitchhiking
Head is 'Dezzy' with puns...
  • SenseiDezzy ban: TJ smells that is all
  • PirateDashMod mod: Does Dezzy want some puns?
  • Wolvan ban: Dezzy dooooooo xD
  • SenseiDezzy ban: noooot
  • PirateDashMod mod: Then Dezzy, you should...
  • PirateDashMod mod: *puts on eyepatch*
  • SenseiDezzy ban: NO
  • Wolvan ban: lol
  • PirateDashMod mod: ...Sen'sei' nice things
  • SenseiDezzy ban: I thought I finally had a name that couldnt be pun'd
  • SenseiDezzy ban: I was wrong
  • Wolvan ban: Dezzy, TJ can pun EVERY name
  • PirateDashMod mod: Wuv joo Dezzy <3
Not just a 'plane' ol' pun...
  • Jade: I wanna make a plan-jadepon
  • Jade: plaann
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Hey Scram
  • Jade: like a plane but minus the e
  • Scramjet: INB4 blueprint of Jade
  • Wolvan™: I want to see this jade
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): If femTeej and Scrampone bang, would that make her groin area the...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): ...'cockpit'?
  • Jade: hooo
  • Xodi: ...
  • Jade: HOOOO
  • Xodi: pfft
  • Xodi: 7/10
  • Scramjet: Scramjet sobs
  • Jade: Nah, strong 7
  • Jade: stronnggg 7/10
  • Jade: 7.5
  • Chaos15 (magnetmod): Great I now my monitor is wet!
  • Pencil Scratch: hahahaha
  • Jade: 7.5 exhaled out of nose harder than usual
  • Pencil Scratch: 8
Cookie's pun gator bait...
  • SpiritCookie: Why TJ whyyyyy ; ~;
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Because you are an adorable, friendly, and kind senpai
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Senpai
  • SpiritCookie: You're senpai - n-
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): No Cookie
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): We've been over this
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): I am not one
  • SpiritCookie: You..
  • SpiritCookie: Arrre
  • SpiritCookie: >n>
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) shakes head
  • SpiritCookie: >:I
  • SpiritCookie: SpiritCookie punches baby aligator
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Why would you do that?
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Why would you hurt that innocent thing and make...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): ...'crocodile tears'?
  • SpiritCookie: OMG
  • TJMC: God damnit Cardi
  • TJMC: I click on your blog's front page, and the first thing I see is food porn
  • Cardigan: I'm sorry TJ
  • Cardigan: I'm totes NSFW
  • Cardigan: that's a warning
  • Rhodarein: Pffft that's one of the best things about it lol
  • Cardigan: well the food isn't the NSFW
  • Viola Strum: Bwaha.
  • Rhodarein: Ah yes..... That
  • TJMC: I like food porn though, I love a good...
  • TJMC: TJMC puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC: ...'cream pie'
  • Haywood Siejko: oh
  • Viola Strum: ...Argh.
  • Haywood Siejko: my
  • Haywood Siejko: god
  • Rhodarein: Omg
  • Haywood Siejko: 11/10
  • Rhodarein: Yes
  • Cardigan: Just
  • Cardigan: I can't
  • Cardigan: Cardigan ollies out
Mexi-come back home Dezzy...
  • TJMC: So I see that Dezzy is posting butts again after returning from Mexico, keeping the theme of...
  • TJMC: TJMC puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC: ...'south of the border'
  • Ali (The Book Escape): /)3=
  • TJMC: TJMC raises roof
  • Demoloo (Dezzy): Tjs making puns.... Yeah Im back home
A romantic novel like pun...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Ali, I got a question for you
  • Ali (The Book Escape): sure?
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): If you were into it, if someone gave you a hickey during passionate romance, would you say that it could be described as a...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): ...'Book mark'?
  • Ali (The Book Escape): =3= ...
  • Demoloo (Dezzy): .... xD
Ha ha Mangos
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Hey Cookie, that was so funny what I said about Mangos, right?
  • SpiritCookie: Omg it totally was
  • Mangos (Just-Ask-Rainbow-Dash): i hate you TJ
  • Mangos (Just-Ask-Rainbow-Dash): i really do
  • Mangos (Just-Ask-Rainbow-Dash): you are tearing me apart TJ
  • Mangos (Just-Ask-Rainbow-Dash): Mangos (Just-Ask-Rainbow-Dash) cry
  • Mangos (Just-Ask-Rainbow-Dash): why are you doing this to me?
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Well maybe I'll tell you if you...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): ...'Just Ask'
  • SpiritCookie: HA
  • PPDK: ....
  • Mangos (Just-Ask-Rainbow-Dash): oh no you didnt
  • PPDK: Goodbye cruel world
Notice me, pun-pai
  • ahappypichu: ᴵ ʰᵒᵖᵉ ˢᶜʳᵃᵐ ˢᵉᶰᵖᵃᶦ ᶰᵒᵗᶦᶜᵉˢ ᵐᵉ ᵗᵒᶰᶦᵍʰᵗ ◕‿‿◕
  • Scramjet: What? Sorry I wasn't listening
  • ahappypichu: ahappypichu ᶜʳᶦᵉˢ
  • ahappypichu: ahappypichu ʷᶦˢʰᵉˢ ᵒᶰ ᵃ ᶠᵃᶫᶫᶦᶰᵍ ˢᵗᵃʳ ᶠᵒʳ ˢᶜʳᵃᵐ ˢᵉᶰᵖᵃᶦ ᵗᵒ ᶰᵒᵗᶦᶜᵉ ʰᶦᵐ ﹡ᵇᶫᵘˢʰᵘᵘᵘ﹡
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): Scram, that's mean
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): He just wants to...
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) puts on eyepatch
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): ...'Pichu' as senpai
  • Scramjet: *slaps TJ*
  • TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom): TJMC (Pirate Dash/Mic Boom) ded