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I went to the PNW BJD Expo yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve really pulled out any of my bjds in months if not over a year. I forget how damn PRETTY Lenore is, and then I attempt to take pics of her and remember exactly why I stopped bothering in the first place. She’s nearly impossible to get a decent shot of. I don’t know if it’s the doll or me or my phone or what, but I can never show just how pretty she really is.

I’ve lost interest in most things in my life (thank you depression) and it’s sad. I loved this hobby, and it was really fun to be around a bunch of people who also loved the hobby AND didn’t shriek OMG THEY’RE SO CREEPY as if they were the first person to ever utter such a thing to me. *eye roll*

At any rate, before she and Petal, my Pipos Indigo Cheese Mouse, get put back on their shelf, I thought I’d at least try again. The expo wasn’t fantastic, but getting a chance to spend time with my friend and her kid was worth the price of admission. I think I’d like to get back into the hobby. Just gotta get over this bad patch first.

my review on “in a heartbeat”

i am prepared for the hate 

i honestly thought it was boring and i was pretty disappointed

now please don’t go on saying that i’m homophobic because i am not (it doesn’t make seance since i ship fugio and giomis) but you know i’m not stopping you

when i watched it i felt really bored with it, it didn’t make me laugh nor did it make me cry, i was bored out of my mind. i disliked all the characters except the ginger hair kid, i really hated the heart character it was annoying and it really made me uncomfortable on how happy it was.

but other then the that the video was just really boring. i will say that i am very happy that it is supporting gays and lesbians and i do love the art and animation it was just to cliche for my tastes. look i’m not saying that you should hate this video this is just my opinion, i’m cool that you love it but it’s not really cool if you shove it in peoples faces and saying that it’s the best thing to have ever come because i know that there are better animations then in a heartbeat (and i will gladly link them) 

if you have ever said it was yaoi or say it’s a ship for two people/characters i will fucking punch you (not really i’ll just be mad) 

things i found better then in a heartbeat 

pipos doll

this is about a family of cats living on as they descend into a rabbit hole of grief and sadness 


this is about a husband and a wife, while the wife undergoing her slimming treatment the husband takes a tour in the unusual treatment center

moving on

moving on is a stop motion music video about the beautiful thing of life and death (i cried a lot on this one)