And the ‘fun’ doesn’t stop there:

Crobi 1 2
DOD 1 2

Oh, and this beauty here

And you still think it’s okay? Because, oh yeah, you absolutely need this piece of plastic and don’t have the balls it takes to save for it and thus buy stolen property and while you’re at it go a ruin it for everyone else. Brava.


Have some dessert themed dollies :) I finally got off my butt (errr…sat on my butt) and got some things painted. One of them being my Green Pipos Cheese Mouse I received a few months ago! I bought both heads (OE and Dreaming) but I have no idea what to do in the dreaming head’s ears yet… ^^;;

Matcha helps my (future) baker girl by painting the Macaroons different colors and making hot tea and coffee to go with the desserts. Polly Pop will eventually get a cotton candy poodle (Zuzu Delf Frise) to pair with her. Gah too many ideas…. not enough $$$$!!! Polly also got new eyes and wig since I wasn’t feeling the 18mm in her. Too large. Anyway, hooray slight productivity!