Piper on the other hand tries to keep calm and be patient

Solangelo: Hahaha hahaha ha! No.

“Oh my god!” Nico exclaimed as he tried to push the son of Apollo off of him only to grind their hips together intensely. Nico let out a shaky moan as his hands gripped Will’s shoulders. Will in turn groaned as on arm held him above Nico and the other wrapped around the Italians slim waist.

“W-Will…..you need to get o-off….Percy….he…..” Nico mumbled out between moans as the blond held their hips together.

Will sighed as he looked at the unconsious son of posiedon unconsious on the floor, the door to the cabin open. He got up begrudgingly and did an odd little waddle to the door before closing it and locking it. He then waddled over to the bed once more and laid down as he watched Nico with his comforter wrapped around his waist checking on Percy. “Damn…. he’s out cold….” He kept on shaking and poking said boy and saying his name, but nothing, so what did he try next? He of course slapped him, and still nothing.

He continued to try to wake him up until he felt familiar lips kiss up and down his neck, nipping at a few spots along the way. He tilted his head back and sighed in pleasure. “Will….come on….Percy is here.”

“Yeah but you said he was out cold..and and he doesn’t seem like he’ll wake up for a while. If you really don’t want to we can stop.”

“Are you suggesting we….you know….do the do, with him here?” Nico asked, an amused smirk dancing on his lips as he pointed down at Percy.

“Maybe. But only if you want to. I can wait.”

Nico turned around and looked Will over, beautiful, gorgeous Will. His erection still standing at full attention, body slightly trembling and a hunger in his eyes that Nico wanted to satisfy, at the thought he gave out an involuntary shiver.

He snaked his arms around the tanned boy’s shoulders and pulled him down a bit before kissing him with such an intensity it took the other boy a while to match it, but it quickly turned into another make out session. “I don’t think I can wait….” He admitted. Will’s eyes went back to being half lidded as he pulled Nico to the bed once more and slowly stripped him of the comforter and memorized every beauty mark and scar that his eyes found. His hand slowly slinking down found what it was looking for and gave it a small tug, causing the Italian to close his eyes and moan. So he continued to do it and kiss Nico’s chest. Said boy was now a panting mess that occasionally was broken by a moan or two. “Will….please….”

Will smirked against his chest before pressing a quick kiss to one of Nico’s pink buds, “please what?”

“Please….I need….I need you.” The son of Hades whispered to him in embarrassment at how desperate he sounded.

“As you wish. Do you have anything…?”

“Yeah…in the drawer beside the bed….yeah that one.”

Will raised one eyebrow at him as he pulled out a brand new tube of lube. “Can I ask?”



“I’ll explain later.”

“Later.” Will agreed as he opened the tube and poured a generous amount into his fingers before he looked at Nico. “Can you spread your legs for me?”

Nico’s face got impossibly red at the request but nodded as he bit his lip and slowly spread his legs, but once they were a bit open he covered his face and let them fall open the rest of the way.

Will smiled at the flushed boy and kissed the back of one of his hands, “Nico,” he whispered against the hand, “please don’t hide….you’re beautiful.” He cooed as one finger traced Nico’s rim lightly.

Nico let out a soft moan at the feeling and uncovered his face to let Will see, and Will loved it. He loved this sight as well. The Italian’s dark hair in a disarray, exposed to him and only him, legs spread, erection pushed against his stomach with want, lightly dripping precum, eyes closed, and mouth slightly parted. He was…devine.

“That’s it Beautiful…” He murmered encouragingly as he gently pushed a finger in.

“Will!” Nico gasped out as he got used to the feeling of the first finger. He bit his lip in an attempt to keep a moan in, his eyes half lidded as they looked down between his legs watching as Will added another finger. He whimpered in response.

“I…I need….”

“Shhhhh, I know Angel….I know, but you need to be patient while I stretch you okay?”

Nico really didn’t know if he had the patience but he nodded anyways and let out another whimper as Will began to move his fingers inside him. He did however sneak a glance at the still unconsious Percy, he felt a little bad for just leaving him on the floor, but he had wanted this for…he didn’t know how long but too long was what his mind decided.

His thoughts were pulled from Percy when he felt the calloused fingers in him make a scissoring motion, it caused him to let out a throaty moan. “Oh gods! Will, please!” He begged as he rolled his hips onto the fingers inside him.

Will let out a groan, “Gods Nico…almost there…” He mumbled as he licked his lips in anticipation before pulling out his fingers slowly, making Nico whine at the loss. Will aligned himself up with the brunette’s entrance before he looked up, his eyes locking with dark brown almost black ones, “Are you sure you want to?”

“Yes….now please?” Nico asked as he clenched the sheets under him and tried to relax as Will began to push in. Once fully in they both waited. Nico trembled slightly as his toes curled and eyes fluttered shut, his mouth open in a gasp, as was Will’s.

“Gods Nico….you feel amazing.”

“Y-You too! S-So big….m-move..”

Will compiled. The pace started off slow but quickly sped up seeing as this was their first time the two did not last long, but it was enough to satisfy them, for now at least. They both finished off with a cry of the other’s name. Afterwards they quickly got dressed and cleaned up before they carried the son of posiedon to the infirmary, hoping no one asked too many questions.

They plopped him on a bed just as he woke up, clearly startled. “Wha-!? Where!? But I!!?…..I just saw you two fucking! How are you here? Wait where’s here?”

“You’re are the infirmary dude.” Will said as he placed a hand on Percy’s shoulder.

“Also what do you mean Will and I were….erm fucking? Because we weren’t.”

“But you were! I went to go ask you if you wanted to be on my team for capture the flag at the end of the week and you two were naked and doing each other!”

“No were weren’t Percy.” Nico lied flawlessly.

“But you were! I saw!!”

“Percy, when you came into my cabin it was just me. You did ask if if wanted to play capture the flag with you. I said yes. You were about to leave but ended up fainting. Don’t you remember?”

“What? But you….you two were….Weren’t you?”

This time Will responded slowly and in a calming voice. “No Percy…I was in my cabin before Nico came to get me saying you fainting. You really don’t remember? I think you should stay here for the night.”

Percy had the most confused face Nico had ever seen on the boy before he slowly nodded and laid down.

Once Will told Kayla to look after Percy, Will and Nico walked outside and busted out laughing.

“We’re bad people!” Will guffawed.

Nico snorted before smirking, “Yup, but it’s so much fun.”

Will simply rolled his eyes and tugged Nico off towards the Hades cabin yet again. “I have something to tell you death boy.”

“Alright shoot.”

you are my favorite “what if”

the title is from fourth of july by fob bc that’s today’s date. happy loud fireworks day to all of my fellow ‘muricans

I’m super sorry that there isn’t any smut in this!! It’s implied, but when I tried to actually write the smut scene, I felt like it distracted from the flow of the fic too much and I couldn’t transition properly and idk I just didn’t do it. However, if you guys are rlly thirsty, I feel guilty enough that I can write a lil part two to this fic that’s literally just the smut scene if you guys want. PLUS, my next oneshot is a smutty one so at least you guys’ll get that. Anyways, thank you to @bookworm003 for the prompt, I kind of got carried away writing this which I hope you don’t mind.

Word Count: 3556 (wowie)

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“This is stupid,” Nico proclaimed for the seventh time that day.

Piper elbowed him. “Stop saying that. This is important to Jason.”

“I just don’t understand why the one time he insisted I come to a game it had to be on the hottest day of the goddamn year.”

“Maybe if you wore less black it wouldn’t be as much of a problem.”

“My aesthetic isn’t the problem here, Piper.” Nico gazed out onto the baseball field, taking a big sip of his frozen lemonade. It did absolutely nothing to cool him down. The metal bleachers burned through his jeans― and yes he was wearing jeans and yes he was wishing that he wasn’t.

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anonymous asked:

Uh, if ur still doing prompts, pLEASE do one where Will has this huge crush on nico and he's been flirting shamelessly for who knows how long and and nico STILL doesn't get it and their friends just sit and laugh as will attempts another pickup line

So I kinda took a lot of liberties with this, but oh well.

Piper took one look at Nico’s scowling face and knew it was going to be a long four hours. They were both in charge of cleaning out the stables and she had been hoping to get a chance to talk to the son of Hades who was always too busy dating Will and hanging out with him to spend time with any of them as of late. The boy shuffled over to one of the pens and pulled himself up on the door, gesturing for Piper to do the same.

“You know we actually have to clean this place up, right?”

“Hush” Nico raised his hands and six skeletons crawled out of the ground. Piper would have been afraid if half of them hadn’t been carrying brooms and the other half mops. As it were, she laughed delightedly.

“Genius Nico!”

He half shrugged. “We still have to keep an eye on them, but at least we won’t get dirty. I can stay and make sure they finish if you want.”

Piper took another long look at him while he stared at the skeletons. These last few months had done wonders on the boy: muscles had begun appearing where only skin and bone had been before. His skin had a healthy glow to it, his hands gestured when he talked, his eyes sparkled when he laughed. And Will had finally dragged him to her cabin a few weeks ago for a much needed haircut. In conclusion, Piper was looking at a completely different person, someone that actually seemed happy.

And yet the scowl was back on his face.

“I think I’ll stay, if I go back to the cabin I’ll probably find some other chore to do. Plus, I feel like you and I haven’t talked in a while. Good time as any to catch up.” She mentioned with a smile, catching the boy by surprise. “So, you going to tell me what’s got you down in the dumps?”

His frown deepened before he bit his lip. “It’s nothing really, just,…” Piper waited patiently, giving the boy the time to order his thoughts. “Will’s been acting kinda weird lately. He just says things that don’t make sense and when I try to help he gets mad and walks away.”

“Problems in paradise then?” She laughed while Nico tilted his head in confusion. “What kind of things?”

“Like, he offered to carry my books the other day. And I wasn’t carrying any books, we were just going to the dining pavilion, so what was I supposed to be carrying? Or yesterday he said ‘Do you mind if I stare at you up close, instead of from across the room?’” Nico badly mimicked his southern accent. “So I told him that the same thing used to happen to Jason, remember? On the Argo II? He kept having to walk up close to the maps and books before you all figured out he needed glasses? So I told him maybe he needed glasses and he got really offended! I was only trying to help!” At some point he had started following up his ranting with wide hand gestures.

“And this morning! He comes up to me before breakfast and asks me if I had realized that screw rhymes with me and you. Like, what am I supposed to do with that information? Does he really think that only Apollo’s kids know how to rhyme? Cause yeah, in English it’s a bit harder than in Italian cause all the pronunciation is whacked off, but it’s not that difficult!”

Piper held her tongue, she was biting down on her knuckles so hard she was sure she’d break skin in a matter of seconds.

“And like twenty minutes ago he asked me if I was from Tennessee.” He told her, dead serious. “I mean, he knows I’m Italian, why would he even think I’m from Tennessee? Does he even know where Italy is? Does he know where Tennessee is?”

“It’s probably because you’re the only Ten he sees.” Piper responded automatically. Her heart went out to Will Solace, it really did. And then it just clicked. Piper mentally unclicked it again in her head and reclicked it, just in case.

Yes. That seemed about right.

Oh Gods.

“Nico, can I ask you a question, a bit out of the blue,…” Piper began, stalling for time. Nico shrugged and she took the plunge. “Are you and Will, not dating?”

She would asked if they were dating, but it didn’t make any sense to her. She thought they had started dating weeks ago. Hades, the entire camp thought they had been dating for at least a month! She had talked with Jason and Hazel and frigging Reyna about what a cute couple they made. Weeks ago!

“What?!” Nico spluttered, turning redder than one of Apollo’s cows. “No! Why would you think that? We’re just friends!” He avoided her gaze and turned his attention to skeleton number four who was currently mopping the pen in front of them. “He doesn’t like me like that anyway.” He mumbled, and Piper thanked all the gods she knew that her world was making sense again. Stretching her hands in front of her she grinned.

“You’re joking, right? The only reason you’re not beating people off with a stick is because Will growls at anyone that comes close. If he could I’m sure he’d pee on you to mark you up as his. All those conversations are attempts at ‘picking you up’, he- ”

“Hey! I know I’m short but I don’t need to be picked up!” Piper was able to straight face through that comment for a full five seconds before a snort turned into a chuckle and finally evolved into a stomach aching laugh that almost made her fall off the stable door. When she finally calmed down she pulled Nico into a one armed hug.

“Look Nico, first thing’s first, when you have a free hour this week come over to my cabin and ask for Mitchell, he can give you a talk that’s a bit overdue. Or you can go to Chiron, but I recommend Mitch first. Second, normally I wouldn’t rush these things, but I think it might need a push. Cause you like Will, right? You want to be more than friends?” The boy tried to look away to hide the blush, but Piper’s grip was strong. In the end he gave a slight nod. “Well, that settles it. Next time you see Will, ask him if he has a map.”

“A map?” He parroted.

“Yes, because you keep getting lost in his eyes. You’ve got to be looking at his eyes Nico, this is very important.” The boy was blushing so hard Piped doubted blood was reaching any other part of his body.

“That. That is the corniest thing I have ever heard. That is never going to work.”

Piper ruffled his hair. “Believe me, it will. And if that doesn’t ask him ‘If I flip a coin what are my chances of getting head?’ and he’ll literally fall on his knees for you Nicks.” She saw his confused expression and the way the innuendo soared half a mile over his head, but then she remembered that they had been notdating for like a month, so she stopped feeling guilty.

“On second thought, go have that talk with Mitchell now. You kinda really need it before thinking about doing anything about Solace.”

The skeletons finished cleaning and they made their way to the Aphrodite cabin together, talking and joking.

Piper just hoped she had enough drachmas to make all the IM’s needed to make. 

SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 10

#Superhero AU [AO3] | First | <<Prev | Next>>

– NICO –

Things were going amazingly well so far. 

Mike Kahale had backed off. Nico had had the opportunity to talk about techniques and the politics of getting featured in New York galleries with several established artists. He’d even had a few handsome men his age flirt with him, especially after they found out he was an artist. A few women too, but he had been able to gently hint that they weren’t his type without incident so far. A number of business executives recognized his name upon introduction as the “mysterious” (their word, not his) son of the DOA Records mogul, Dimitri Aidoneus, and had made certain to introduce themselves and try to welcome him into their conversations. He’d even managed to keep on the opposite side of the ballrooms from the SPQR team all night.

He should have known everything was going to go to hell.

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