Schilling explains that Piper’s actions are driven by a loss of self identity. “I think it is when you lose a sense of self and you have nothing to hold onto… like this rocking boat, and you start grasping its straws and hurting yourself and hurting other people in really self destructive ways.”

“When you feel incredibly out of control, you start looking for ways to control that can be very destructive,” Schilling remarks. “I think [Piper] is really looking for ways to control her experience and they are very destructive and it is a very dangerous place to be.”

In fact, Schilling even describes it as a “debilitating addiction.” The more control Piper has, the more she craves it, regardless of the cost. And, while Schilling is well aware of the Piper haters out there, she hopes that over time, her character can find redemption in both herself and the eyes of all the viewers. “I am hoping she starts to ask why she is doing what she is doing,

Well, alxvse… Damn.
I’ve been sobbing for like five minutes. I kinda hate myself for hadn’t read it before, but I was right about my reasons for not to. The first lines where magnificent, but you had me in “Alexander Vause”.
Seriously, Hannah, are you from outer space?
I’m gonna tell you, the only person who was able to make me read and feel in the second what the words say, is J.K. Rowling. You two… It’s like if I were living what I’m reading, my brain doesn’t have to work in order to create empathy. It was so natural for me to feel the fear of Diane, her pain, her determination, her happiness…
That scene, when she is in the hospital with baby Al… The line of thoughts to name her Vause, was beautiful. (I feel like I’m going in circles here). What I want to say is that this will be my canon of Diane. Everything. The writers will never, ever beat you in case they tried to write her in the future.
Fuck, they should fucking hire you!
I loved every single line of this. I had to do some pause to cry between scenes, but… I just love what you did here. I love Diane standing for Alex, talking to her even when Al was a baby. Giving her books and teaching her to read before school, (something I did too and is completly great have in common with Alex, besides the initials in our names) taking her outside to play and ignoring others peoples stares… She love her so much.
That first episode is amazing.
Man, if I ever have a kid, I would die happy if I ever be able to be half good mother Diane is in here.
And then, Pipes comes to scene. Was amazing see their relationship pass trough Di eyes, totaly.
I want to talk about the confrontation scene now. You… I wanna hug you and kiss you for this scene! It was so, so good!
During the fic, I kept seeing Diane walked barefoot in a room full of broken glass her whole life in order to make Al happy, getting cut, but carry on and then, in this scene, I saw her fell. She and Alex got broken for the first time, at the same time, and it was so hard to see.
I’m not even know if this have sense at all. I cried so badly when she told Alex her reasons, because they were so full of love.
In the show, she might (not in my opinion before and after reading your fic) sound naïve, silly and a little delusional, telling Alex about her rock-god father… But you give her a solid reason, a personality, a background and a porpoise and I wish every fan of OITNB could read the first episode of this fic. Thank you.

It’s late and you must probably be unbelievable annoyed by my little happy/sad rant. I just want to tell you thank you and congratulations. You know? I was thinking today about a desing for a guitar, a drawing to decorate it… And I’m sure now that I will put a vinyl record and a “you’re cool” on it. I don’t know, maybe I’ll get a tattoo of it too.
Oh!, almost forgot, I will love to see Diane talking to Alex about her grandfather. Maybe Alex telling Diane that people use to think she’s a boy when they hear her name… I dunno.

My favorite line:
She mumbles “Mama” around her pacifier.

“Right here, baby,” Diane answers habitually; most of the time, Alex just likes to say the word.

11 Character Impressions from OITNB 

This girl kills it! *applause*