If I go there will be trouble
An’ if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know

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Letters from the Depths of Solitude (The Thirty-Fifth)

Inebriating experience, when you are talking with a poet, for hours, in writing (as it is done in our world-lying-in-the-past), and you, it seems, feel the ultimate other to the point of confusing your hands and legs with theirs, and you know, you anticipate that a great writing should be and must be done, and is about to be done.

But then you are trying your keyboard, and it is just as unresponsive as ever, a primitive, crude instrument; letters, harsh and paining your eye; sphinx of syntax smiles without showing teeth or opening its pink mouth.

Things elude, escape, effortlessly dodge your attempts to pin them down, to freeze them forever; they evade gently, and flow through fingers slipping right into oblivion on your eyes, one by one, stumbling down, hitting each other. And you are made to witness their great fall, their unavoidable collapse.

When I was staring into a telescope of the kaleidoscope, in my childhood– and it was a simple kaleidoscope, a plastic tube with colorful shards–I had this exact feeling, of a great wanting to photograph every new turn I saw and the disappointment at the impossibility. And the despair of the realization that the final result, a series of snaps, even should it be taken, is just as ephemeral as kaleidoscope mosaics, if no more–to re-watch it takes twice as much time as it is to watch it; and great vistas are wrecked and ruined.

Jellyfishes have expired on the shore leaving no trace. All the insights and understandings, and the music of spheres I’ve just heard, does not translate into my writing, or not to the degree I wish it. Exhausting.

(Written on a music score in a library)

AkoYumo fanfiction!

Written for @oh-my-bunny. Hope you will like it!

Sorry for my English! Russian version is posted here.

Title: Hair.

Summary: Yumoto likes fluffy pink things, like, Wombat. And Akoya Gero.

- Akoya-sempai!
He didn’t even have time to turn back, before Yumoto Hakone hugged him. He sighed and shook his head. Is it supposed to be beautiful? It wasn’t the first time when a younger member of the Earth Defence Club came to him after school. In the current moment Akoya was walking in the park, and “Scarlet” somehow appeared in front of him.
- I’m not really a hugging person. - Akoya said, trying to move away from Hakone.
Yumoto raised his head.
- How can someone not like hugs? - he said, confused. - Cuddling is the best thing in my life! Just like taking bath with your friends, reading tales and…
Akoya quickly understood, that he must interrupt him, or else he will list these things forever. He turned his head to find something that can distract him, and saw a van with sweets.
- …Hakone, do you want some ice cream?
- Ice cream? - Yumoto immediately began to look in the search with shine in his eyes.
Akoya, while Yumoto wasn’t looking at him, rolled his eyes.
What a childish behavior.

So they were sitting on the bench, eating ice cream. Akoya usually didn’t allow himself such a cheap entertainment (this ice cream wasn’t even in cups, it was in cheap waffles which looked like cardboard. How not beautiful!), but Yumoto didn’t leave the van untill his sempai choose an ice cream to himself. Yumoto enjoyed two balls of chocolate, and Akoya had strawberry (with a mandatory cherry on the top to give some charm to this sweet). After finishing with his own one, Yumoto said:
- Akoya-sempai, your hair are very soft and fluffy, i guess..?
Akoya answered on this with sceptical sight. He mechanically took a strand of hair in the hand and snorted.
- What is it, wavyhead?
- Well, - Yumoto was shaking his feet above the ground, - pink sweater, which brother gave to me on Christmas, is very soft, just like Wom-chan or a pink towel in our bath. Ryuu-sempai’s hair aren’t so soft and fluffy, though. - Akoya gave himself internal smile. Of course. - So I was wondering how feels Akoya-sempai’s hair!
His eyes were shining with an innocent interest, so Akoya couldn’t refuse. By the way, what can be wrong with this? This will only prove once again that he is better than Zao. He didn’t doubt the softness and fluffiness of his own hair.
He waved his hand as if he was saying: “Do what you want!” . There was a happy smile on Yumoto’s face and he reached to him with hugs. His hands immediately burrowed into the fluffy pink hair, and Akoya closed his eyes contentedly.
- You see?
Yumoto positively purred something and continued his case. After a while Akoya turned his head to him.
- What are you doing now?
Yumoto looked over his shoulder, almost facing with him nose to nose, and smiled widely.
- Making you a braid!
Akoya widened his eyes slightly. He could count this act as a brazen, but Hakone was too…cute to be angry on him because of this small thing.
Sometimes, being not able to struggle with feelings, Yumoto was starting to cuddle him, burying his face in the long hair. At first Akoya was trying to indignant, but, in the end, he thought that it’s not that bad.

- I’ve finished! - Yumoto told him and moved away, so Akoya could stand up. Akoya turned over a little and threw his braid over his shoulder.
- Nice job, Yumoto-kun!
He leaned to him to pat his hair, and Yumoto immediately jumped, hugging him again. This time Akoya took it for granted and slightly hugged Yumoto too. When Yumoto moved away, he gave a coupon to his sempai.
- Come to Kurotama bath, Akoya-sempai!
Now he had to go to his brother, so he left soon, singing something. Akoya wrapped a tip of the braid on his finger and smiled to himself.
He should hang out with this Hakone boy more often.

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