Drove out to the Blue Mountains yesterday with my brother since he’s in Sydney for a brief period before jetting off to South America indefinitely.
We went on a beautiful walk in Wentworth Falls (I wore jeans and cons ‘cause I thought we’d just go for a short leisurely stroll - but nope, blisters galore!) It was a mix of the National Pass and Overcliff-Undercliff tracks which weave in and out of each other but follow the same loop. Lots of the path is built into the cliff face so you get great views of the valley, but it also goes through lush rainforest and drier eucalyptus bushland. Look it up if you’re ever in the area, it only takes a few hours hours and is really enjoyable.

Also got a cheeky arvo beer at some dank pub which had the pinkest exterior I’ve ever seen - the walls were pink, the trims were pink, the vents and piping were painted pink (all the same pastel shade of Pepto Bismol, mind you! Monotone pinkness!!) D a n k.

My phone camera is pretty bad and the screen is hard-impossible to see outdoors, so taking pics is a bit of a blind guessing game, but I think the Blue Mountains is beautiful even in shitty photos :) 
Big bro probably took some better ones so I might post those later if I can get a hold of them.

I’ll be out of the studio today (Hello Weekend/Pokemon Prerelease!), so I thought it’d be a good time to draw attention to some of the *ready-to-ship* goodies I have in my shop:

Rosie - Mauve Dream Sheep Sculpture
Space Nude (Nudibranch) Painting
Blue/Green Beetle Painting
Sapphire Blob Orca Amigurumi
Melon Collie Painting
Yellow Blob Narwhal Amigurumi
Pink/Orange Beetle Painting
Clementine - Alebrije Fox Amigurumi
Blue Elephant Painting

Have an excellent weekend, everyone!

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