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Star vs the Forces of Evil Character Theme Songs

After months of deliberating, I finally came to finalize my decision for these character theme songs! Now quick disclaimer, the characters are multidimensional to the point where you can make an entire playlist for each character, but for now I’m just focusing on songs that capture the spirit of the character in one go. I’m even going to leave an explaination to why I picked a certain song. If you like it, cool. If you disagree, that’s fine too. When I heard these songs this one character just came to mind:

Star Butterfly“Just Like Fire” by P!nk

I really wanted to do this before she got her actual theme song on “Starsong.” I wanted something really empowering with a female vocalist, but for some reason, Star always reminds me of 90s pop music. I don’t mean the boy bands and girl idols. I mean the novelty bands and one hit wonders. I remembered that P!nk (Pink) was an artist I heard when I was a kid. I originally picked “So What” but I didn’t want it to sound like Star was still hung up on Tom (Spoiler Alert: she isn’t). Plus with lyrics like “Just like magic,” and “No one can be like me anyway,” it was a bullseye.

Marco Diaz“I Melt With You” by Bowling for Soup

This was really hard for some reason. I tried looking at it from every angle. Should I pick a song that focused on his insecurities, his Mexican heritage, his karate? Instead I picked a song that focused on how he loves his friend. Marco is kinda a dork, kinda a badass, kinda cool and kinda lame, so I found a genre of music that some people find kinda cool and kinda lame: pop punk. Plus, it gives that SoCal vibe (even if the band is from Texas).

Janna“Freak Like Me” by Halestorm

This was the first and only song I picked. She’s a troublemaker and she loves it. Kinda weird and into the macabre. She’s already messed up, might as well have some fun with it.

Jackie Lynn Thomas“A Song About California” by Hey Ocean!

What better for a girl who everyone thinks is a mermaid than a band called “Hey Ocean!” It’s chill, but still with the right amount of energy, kinda like the character.

Starco songs

Sorry but I’m a big time starco shippers and I know I’ll bug my friends about this if I don’t get it out of my head, so here:

Starco (Star’s P.O.V.)“Head over Feet” by Alanis Morissette

Star still reminds me of 90s music. I have no idea why. I think the lyrics really catch how Star fell for Marco for basically being the best friend she ever had. There’s a comic by Area that, I think, really captures how Star developed a crush on Marco basically off-screen.

Starco (Marco’s P.O.V.)“You Captivate Me” by Eyeshine

A real SoCal band this time. Whether or not Marco develops a crush on Star, this song shows how Star has helped Marco feel stronger. He’s said several times she’s the coolest girl ever. 

Starco“No Matter Where You Are” by Us The Duo

If I could sum up starco (platonic or romantic) it would be, “We always have each other’s back.” This song says that, but is obviously more romantic. So if starco became romantic, I think it would carry this spirit.

That’s all I have for now. This is a weird hobby of mine so if you want me to pick a theme song for another character or show, just drop me an ask and if I can I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for reading.

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I imagine there were too many nights where Alfred came down to the cave only to find his rich beef stew, Italian minestrone soup or clam chowder gone cold.

Personally, I headcanon that the next time, he just made chilled Russian borscht, fully knowing that Bruce absolutely detests beets.

Alfred came down later to find Bruce sitting in his cape and cowl, eyes narrowed at the bright pink soup… but he knew exactly what he had done to deserve this. So he ate it, spoon by spoon, mouth set in a firm, determined line in between mouthfuls… and requested that his soup be put in a canister for him to take on patrol next time.

Fast and Furious AU

Yuuri is an undercover cop sent to investigate a street-racing gang that the police believe is led by the mysterious Viktor Nikiforov, who legally owns a sandwich shop. Yuuri drops by the shop everyday to order Viktor’s absolutely disgusting sandwiches and doesn’t get anywhere closer to the gang but Viktor seems to enjoy winking and being mysterious at him (flirting), until Yuri gets mad and starts a fight because he’s suspicious “nobody likes Viktor’s sandwiches!!!”

Other things:

- Viktor drives a ridiculous souped-up pink cadillac

- Otabek, JJ, Isabella, Leo and Guang Hong are in the rival motorcycle gang

- Everyone is ridiculous

- Car sex happens

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How does one get Severus Snape used with human contact/affection? (I believe hugging him every available second wouldn't be a good idea, unless you want him to hex you.) Assuming the person is someone who cares and has feelings for him.

Small affections, constantly, over a long period of time.

It starts with holding hands while you’re on your evening walks together.  You slip your fingers in his and he starts but doesn’t pull away, though the twitching muscle in his jaw and the tenseness of his arm betray his discomfort.

He drops your hand immediately as soon as the castle is visible again, his face hot with shame and arousal.

You sit to his right at the Head Table, spreading your legs just so and press the side of your thigh against his.  His spoon freezes an inch away from his lips, but he doesn’t look at you.  You press just a bit harder; a tiny nudge, really, and he continues eating, his cheeks pink.  

“This soup is rather…robust tonight,” he remarks wryly.

He wards his doors and turns to you, his eyes glittering as he presses you into the wall, his kisses hot and insistent.  He barely flinches when you run your fingers up his neck and through his hair.  You can taste the firewhisky on his breath, but it isn’t overpowering, and you savor his lowered inhibitions.

He takes you three times that night, and you are grateful that it’s the weekend.

You rub his shoulders gently and he moans as he continues to mark papers.

“Yes…” he gasps, “just like tha-ahh!”

You work the knots out slowly in the bony expanse of his back as he works out the varying levels of horridness of the papers.

You make an excellent team.

“Your hands are cold,” you say, covering his long, pale fingers in yours and pulling them to your mouth. You puff out large breaths of hot air, watching as the cloud rises through the gaps in his fingers and into the frigid morning air.  

You look up, puffing your cloudy breath incessantly like a fledgling dragon. His eyes are closed, his lips parted ever so slightly.

No one is watching.  Everyone is crying out about some Quidditch foul on the pitch.

You close your eyes and you feel the warmth of his lips on your forehead at the very edge of your hairline.

“Thank you,” he breathes, his cloudy breath sliding around your forehead like a promise of something to come.

He holds your hand all the way back to his chambers.