Pink Soup


Vodka Collins performing the title track of their 1996 album “Pink Soup” on TV in Japan. Alan Merrill guitar and vocals, Hiroshi Kamayatsu guitar and harmony vocals, Masayoshi Kabe bass, Hiroshi Oguchi drums.


Sketches by the singer songwriter Cheri Dahl of Alan Merrill at the Fat Baby Bar NYC, December 11th 2014. Cheri also sketched a bowl of “Pink Soup” while Alan was singing the song of the same name that night, a title track for his band Vodka Collins’ 1996 album release.

Photo of Alan Merrill and Cheri Dahl after the Dec. 11th show where they both performed.


its a turnip, onion, fennel soup base.

the reason it was pink was because i used a watermelon turnip, which is just like a regular turnip but a little sweeter and watermelon pink on the inside.

bring 5 cups of water to a boil. in the meantime,

peal and grate the turnip

a whole small onion or half of a big one (chopped into big pieces)

no more then 4 tablespoons of fennel, in rings.

put all the ingredients in the water and boil that for half an hour. strain out the vegetables and use right away or freeze until use.

and yes, its really pink

My girlfriend painted her hair today and all I could think of when I saw the colour she got was beetroots; and I just fkng couldn’t stop laughing for 20 mins straight because once, for a New Year’s Eve dinner with friends, I tried to make pink soup and suddenly everything in my kitchen was covered by that wicked colour. Now I fear I’m gonna be single again.