I’ve wanted to examine Jim’s bedroom for awhile now because a person’s bedroom usually says a lot about them. It looks like:

  • jim is a pretty big reader. he has two bookshelves full of books
  • he likes space. there’s a poster with an astronaut, a model rocket ship, and a globe covered in constellations in his room
  • he played baseball when he was younger. I’m guessing elementary and middle school aged based on the different batting helmets on top of the bookshelf 
  • he must not be too good at it and/or didn’t do it that long though since he only has one small trophy to show for it
  • theres also a microscope up there. does he like science? 
  • he’s passionate about race cars and motorcycles as well as vespas. cool vehicles in general
  • he wants to try skydiving
  • he keeps a calendar
  • there’s a pinewood derby car on the one high shelf and a green robot that kind of looks like a Transformer
  • okay he definitely likes science. this room is so much science and engineering. even though he doesn’t like math
  • he must also like some wild west movie about a dude named Chad. maybe its his favorite movie
  • there’s no personal photos in his room. not him or his mom or Toby. i feel like thats kind of significant 
  • he also keeps his room very clean (but that’s not surprising)

Matt spent most of his childhood as an only child, because Pidge wasn’t born until he was around 10 or 11, and he and his father were (and still are) super close. Sam was the one who got Matt really into science. 

When Matt was in 1st grade he had tried out boy scouts and Sam had helped him build his pinewood derby car. In 2nd grade, when Matt decided boy scouts wasn’t for him, he got into legos- specifically the lego set’s where you build robots, Sam helped him with building and programing them. He then encouraged Matt to join a robotics team when he was old enough to join the one for elementary schoolers. Matt then joined the team at his middle and high school.

In addition to helping Matt with robotics, Sam as got him interested in both space and biology. Matt was both a space and dinosaur kid because of this. Sam would take Matt out to look at stars through his fancy telescope and signed him up for a space camp at their world’s nasa (the garrison??) when he was old enough because Matt wanted to be an astronaut even back then.

They’d also go out to dig sights to watch the paleontologists dig up fossils. Sam had friends in this field so that’s how they were able to get in. They’d also go on their own digs sometimes.

After Pidge was born, they still stayed super close, although there was a period of time when Matt was afraid Pidge was going to steal his dad away from him. Once Pidge got older, they began including her into their adventures and in their projects because she also became interested in it all.

When Matt was in high school and going through all the shit that comes with that, Sam was always there to help him through it all. Sam was the first person in his family Matt came out to. He really trusted his dad so he was able to talk to him about almost anything. 

Sam helped Matt apply to the Garrison, as well as helped him apply for a spot on the Kerberos mission. 

When they were separated in the Galra prison, Matt couldn’t stop worrying about him. His father was also one of his closest friends. So when Shiro sacrificed himself to save Matt and told him to look for his father, he did. He’s also forever grateful to Shiro for saving his life that day in the area, so he could actually look for his father. When he did find Sam, Sam looked many years older and was very weak but they still ran up to each other and clung to each other, sobbing. They might still be in hell, but at least they were back with part of their family.   

I don’t normally weigh in but…

….here is my take on Girl Scouts as I have two girls who are involved. I have just read some things and I’m not sure if all that they do is clear so I’m offering some examples of the types of things that they do and some that are done by both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

The Girl Scouts are not all about pushing cookies. They learn how to be good stewards to their community by being involved in clean ups and they take donations to the Ronald McDonald house, the local humane society and send care packages to the militay among other humanitarian things. They learn to lift other girls up to be successful in a world where a “mean girl” or a bully is something they encounter at school every day. Also, they do camp and hike and learn how to build lean-tos, fires, sit upons and they do other outdoor activities. My daughters have built pinewood derby cars and wooden sail boats to race. The Girl Scouts organization, despite cookie sales, is an amazing chance for girls to learn how to take care of themselves and each other. They have taught my girls so much about helping others and to be accepting of the people around them. They also teach the girls about self respect and self care.

There are girlie girls in the troop, there are shy girls, there are Tom boys, black, white, Hispanic, poor and rich and basically all types. They teach the girls to empower each other no matter any of these things.

The Girl Scouts do a lot more than cookies. Also, the cookie sales help to fund troop activities that include sleepovers at aquariums, STEM activities, day camps and frankly, help parents out with the cost of things. I just wanted to put that out there.

Future Part 53

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1047

Summary: Filming for Season 2 is coming to an end, but the reader gets sick again.

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Love you guys! …don’t hurt me… 

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Flashback Friday to July 4th 2010.

I loved Independence Day in our old neighborhood. This was the year Sophia won the Pinewood Derby (the Coors Light car was NOT here) and got high fived by all the big kids.