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Lillian Winters

Photography: Chad Michael Ward

Location: “Wonderland” New Orleans, Louisiana
Muah + Styling: Lillian Winters

The Top 12 of our 100+ NoLa Photos will be available in a limited quantity in February 2016!
💋Just in time for Valentines💋

anonymous asked:

Hey Ursula would you like to draw Olly and Trish as Jack and Sally? Or Trish in a child version? :3 PS: I REALLY LOVE YOUR STYLE AND YOUR OC'S

Well, since it’s almost Halloween… U u U okaaay <3 Thank you so much!

jonathankents-deactivated201609  asked:

Oo I love trish so much tbh! Do u have some sorta backstory for her, or a drawing that u made but didn't post ? I just love her design and her personality

ahh so happy you like her! Trish actually belongs to my friend @goblinqueenbluebie​ she uses her more to RP then drawing her, but I draw her all the time people always think shes mine. I always have fun drawing her vintage styled hair * O  *  Here’s a new drawing of her no one understands why she likes this trashy idiot lol?? he gross
 some where in the universe Ruca is puking her brains out

anonymous asked:

Can you draw Olly, Trish and Ruca in Cry baby since Ruca is inspire by Wanda. It will be funny seeing Olly as Crybaby too.

UH YESSSSS ! * o * I redrew some screen caps from the opening of Crybaby here is goblinqueenbluebie ‘s Trish as Allison and Olly as Crybaby  then, My characters Roxy and Ruca as Pepper and Wanda <3 short hair Olly is weeeeird

Jayne Mansfield getting ready for her appearance on the CBS television program ‘Person to Person’ (1956)