d20 Fantasy Game Class Sexy Innuendo Pinback Button Badge 4-Packs

Double entendres with a geeky twist! Show everyone how you do it with these handcrafted pinback badges. These shiny, handcrafted pinback badges come in five sets: Divine, Mage, Martial, Nature and Scoundrel.

Only $2.50 apiece on Etsy and $9.00 for each 4-pack!

Divine Pack (Avenger, Cleric, Invoker, Paladin)
Mage Pack (Psion, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard)
Martial Pack (Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, Warlord)
Nature Pack (Druid, Ranger, Shaman, Warden)
Scoundrel Pack (Assassin, Bard, Pirate, Rogue)

We also have Alignment Buttons ((all nine alignments in two colours each)) for sale! Get your D&D accessory fix at our shop!


Just some of the lovely buttons-badges-pins you can find in the Portland Button Works catalog.

Have you own great idea for buttons or your project, band, or organization needs some little pictures to pin to your clothes? We can do that too! In fact, custom work is mostly what we do. We’ve been making custom buttons for 15 years. Buttons are available in 4 different sizes– 1″, 1.25″. 2.25″, and 3.5″. We also make bottle opener key chains, hand mirrors, and magnets.

Check out the new addition the website where you can design your artwork online from your phone, tablet, or computer with the Portland Button Works Design-O-Matic!

It’s easy peasy! just place your order on, create your artwork on then submit the artwork, and we’ll get them in queue. Orders under 1,000 pieces generally ship between 1-3 days. If you are in Portland, Oregon or traveling through Portland you are welcome to pick them up at our North Portland shop.


Alex & Paul


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