I was going to post this photo without caption, but I feel like it needs a small explanation.

I have never taken a photo like this before. ‘Lingerie shoot? Me? AHAHAHA’ would have been my response in the past. I need a costume to cover me. Even if it’s the same amount of fabric, the character’s confidence is something I try and emulate, and it turns into a lot of ‘fake it til you make it’. Method acting. I wouldn’t call myself a confident individual; in costume is different than it just being…me.

But I feel like I’m gaining the confidence to really be myself. I say that I’m in a healthier living arrangement post-divorce, and I am, all around. I’m emotionally healthier, even though this has been the worst winter in my life; I’m mentally healthier, because I’m getting more accomplished; and this is the best I’ve felt physically, at this time of the year, than I can ever remember.

So this picture is something of a triumph for me. I feel like I’m starting to become the confident person that everyone else claims that I am. It’s not me in costume, so sorry if this isn’t the kind of modeling you follow me to see, but this picture means a lot to me. Plus, I look like a lovechild of Rogue and Jessica Rabbit, and I am 100% good with that.

I was going to post this on Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t want to cheapen it. I’m also a little too nervous to post it on Facebook, since the audience is harsher and coarser there, so I’m testing it here first.

Photo by robbinsstudios, as a part of his sheer curtain series.

This is why I don’t waste time Photoshopping pictures. Why alter someone’s appearance so drastically that they look nothing like themselves? This is horrid, and the second cover doesn’t look much better.

"As we were getting ready to go to press, I was texting back-and-forth with Dita about her cover and her thoughts were it didn’t look like her. She asked if I’d made her lips larger. Hmmm, good catch Dita. It wasn’t that we made her lips larger, it was that we’d shot at such a low angle, we pinched the jawline, because it looked too wide. The challenge with altering anyone’s face—especially one as recognizable as some of these celebrities, is that the slightest modification can alter them from looking like themselves. This was a good case in point." Source