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Imagine Dean in the bunker, going through food blogs on a laptop because he finally has a kitchen and funds and he can learn how to cook like he's always wanted.


Imagine him finally being able to cook something not in a microwave or using a coffee machine.

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Do you have any feelings/opinions about the "dearisaac" tag, and the fact that the official teen wolf tumblr is making light of Isaac's suffering? The fandom too. Everyone's talking about Isaac's scarves and his curls and how pretty he is, and all I can think of is that this boy who's suffered so much is suffering again.

teen wolf social media has literally given zero fucks over anything and has been untactful and obnoxious as hell

like they try to be witty and tumblry but miss their mark 100% of the time so like they’ve baited fandom over sterek, kill danny, a myriad of character abuses and have made abusive and unhealthy couples in teen wolf canon framed as otp4evers. like they need to take a page from orlando jones, and wake the fuck up and start interacting with fandom properly and with tact

Fic: Scott/Jackson, "Crazy Good"

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Jackson is obsessed with Scott’s ass.

Somehow, even after two months, sex with Jackson continues to be completely and utterly mind-blowing. And, Scott just doesn’t get it. Oh, of course making love with Allison never, ever stopped being good, not with the way her mouth moved against his, her fingers through his hair, and she was his first. But it wasn’t anything like this. Not once did she ever throttle the orgasm out of him like Jackson does every single time with grinding and clenching and biting and—ugh. God.

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So, as a mentally ill person who's been in in-patient treatment and rehab and psych hospitals, I quite like headcanoning psych hospital/treatment center/rehab AUs. But I get violently angry when I stumble upon them written by neurotypical people and/or people who've never been in treatment.

yeah obvs its a completely different story if it;s something you’ve experienced and you have every right to make those posts

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Do you have any "Stiles is a supernatural creature" recs?

yes! i have a ton all on the master list. <3

i went through and found them but they’re all there on the list…

at this point, it’s more like, what kind of supernatural creature?

Omegaverse: Demographics

This section in particular is very specific to my individual version of omegaverse, and is in fact mostly dry statistics. If you have any questions about how I got these numbers, please contact me at fanndists.tumblr.com; there is real math behind these, believe it or not. With these population percentages and mating rates, the gender proportions will hold stable.

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I just finished marathoning the first season of Reign, and now I'm trying to figure out how titles of nobility work in the triad verse.

We’ve had a few posts touch on this. penthea calls them Lord/Lady/Master in this post. I’ve expanded on the Mr/Mrs/Ms/Master titles here

Maybe it’s Lord/Lady/Swain-Lord? Lord/Lady/Laird?

Anyone else have thoughts?

Fic: Scott/Jackson, "Phantom Memories and Incompetent Dads"

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Jackson goes into heat during a blue moon and Scott knocks him up and they have adorable Scackson babies

[Er, how’s about angsty preggers Jackson? I’m probably going to write a fluffy sequel at some point …]

Scott can’t be sure what’s worse: the horror that crosses Jackson’s face, the betrayal on Allison’s, or the realization that—oh god—he’s a dad. Or going to be, Deaton claims as Jackson rests a trembling hand over his stomach. For a moment, no makes eye contact, no one breathes, then there’s a choked sob and Allison’s storming out the door in a flurry of hair and angry tears. Scott instinctively makes to go after her, but then Jackson’s making a distressed sound of his own, burying his head in his hands.

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Would you do a Triad Verse snippet with Scott and Stiles as boyfriends instead of brothers? Maybe something before they ever find a third?

Stiles takes the cookie Mrs. McCall gives him, taking a bite and pretending it tastes as good as the ones his mom used to make. “Scott’s up in his room,” Penny says, handing Stiles a giant glass of milk.

Stiles takes it and escapes up the stairs. He bursts into Scott’s room without knocking, saying, “I think your Mima is trying to fatten me up.” Stiles closes the door behind him.

Sitting up in his bed, Scott rolls his eyes. “At least it’s better than your Pop giving me the stink eye whenever I’m over at your house.”

Stiles winces and drops down onto Scott’s bed, some of the milk sloshing onto his hand. “I may have told my parents that you did some of the shit I actually did. Pop believed me, Dad didn’t.”

Sighing, Scott says, “You gotta stop lying to your folks! One day something big is gonna happen, and they’re not going to believe you.”

“Whatever.” Stiles scoffs. Then he sets down his milk and wiggles his eyebrows at Scott. “Wanna make out?”

A slow grin spreads over Scott’s face. “Yeah. Yeah, sure.”

Stiles gets up on his knees and crawls over to straddle Scott. “You’re gonna have to up your game, McCall. Last time, I didn’t have any hickeys. I looked like a loser all day at school. How’re we gonna find a third if everyone thinks we’re dorks who can’t figure out how to make out properly?”

Scott laughs, pulling Stiles down on top of him. “But, you are a dork.”

“Shut up,” Stiles replies, pressing his lips to Scott’s.

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To respond to your Anon, I've never heard of the "radically open" version, but dialectical behavior therapy or DBT is a nonabusive, helpful tract of therapy. I've done DBT for years and mostly what it focuses on is awareness, focusing on the moment and being aware of your mind and behavior. It also teaches distraction techniques and coping skills. It's highly recommended for people with BPD, bipolar, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Cool thanks!


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Persephone, 21, Traveler

Born across the Hedge in faerie lands, Persephone is a free roaming fae drawn to humans. They’re fascinating to her, with their general disbelief in her entire existence and all of their technology. It’s magic in its own way, everything that humans have managed to do with electronics and the like. 

Trees look different in human lands, the earth smells and feels different, and Persephone is intent on seeing as much of it as she can. Humans are strange, but no stranger to her than the myriad of different types of fae across the Hedge. Because of her nature (she’s got plant based magics), the land and trees of any place she visits tends to be a little greener, a little healthier when she moves on.

She likes to meet new people, and is a bit of a con artist to fit in with the humans of any area she goes - talking them into feeding her and housing her for the brief periods she settles in a place. She’s constantly on the move. 

Persephone does have wings but rarely shows them to people, preferring to do what she can to fit in as she moves from town to town; human’s aren’t exactly great when it comes to accepting new things, she’s discovered, and it really is for her benefit to fit in.