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Another thing never really talked about in HP are family spells. You know like family recipes and remedies? Spells and potions that are passed down through the generations and tweaked and twisted until every family does it slightly differently. Like I learned how to make boxty from my Irish dad who learned from his mom but the way I make it isn't the same as any three recipes on Pinterest. So FAMILY SPELLS.

[first off the cat in your avatar is adorable]

I wish that had been expanded upon! 
A subtle turn of the hand when you cast a spell that works, against a school rubrics insistence, because your family taught you how to do it this way and you’re willing it to work that way and your wand is like “yeah ok here we go”.

Potions that do the same thing technically, but are just better when made in the cauldron your family got you when you were a kid, made from the same pewter or what have you that your family has always used– from the same source. Using ingrediants in a specific manner because “why wouldn’t you. this is the right way.”
“but the book says this.”
“my mum/dad/gran/grandad does it like this”

Imagine the generations of homeschooled wix that eventually get sent to these schools and are just. So offended that they have to use some stuffy hoity-toity academic’s book for spell work when their families recipies and spells work just as well.

Families with people getting married and occasionally going like “in my family we do this for toothache” “what, no you do this”
“what happens is you do both”
“appearantly you get a cold, bad idea, bad idea.”
“what do you mean you have a different remedy for that too”

i like this.

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Do you know of any fics where Steve and/or Bucky are invited to guest lecture at college or give historical interviews or Ted Talks?

The only ones i can think of are these two:

Practically an Avenger 

The second coolest thing about being friends with an Avenger is that you get to use the Avengers Discount when you’re standing in line with said Avenger at Starbucks.
The third coolest thing about being friends with an Avenger is that you can bribe said Avenger to let you interview Captain Futzing America himself for your college term paper, and if that doesn’t impress Kate Bishop’s hardass European History professor even a little bit, she doesn’t know what will.

Steve Rogers Might Wear Tights, but He’s Not Your Pin-Up Girl

Bucky enrolls in a college course about Captain America. It doesn’t go well.

I would love to read more fics like this desperatly, followers, any of you got anything more?


our pals @stucky-ficrecs put together their own post for the same ask recently, take a look!

Fic: Scott/Jackson, "Crazy Good"

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Jackson is obsessed with Scott’s ass.

Somehow, even after two months, sex with Jackson continues to be completely and utterly mind-blowing. And, Scott just doesn’t get it. Oh, of course making love with Allison never, ever stopped being good, not with the way her mouth moved against his, her fingers through his hair, and she was his first. But it wasn’t anything like this. Not once did she ever throttle the orgasm out of him like Jackson does every single time with grinding and clenching and biting and—ugh. God.

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I love being able to legitimately cite Tumblr posts in my sociology essays as first-person documents because a lot of Tumblr users honestly have fantastic insight on society and societal problems

But I hate citing Tumblr posts in my sociology essays because then I have to, in all seriousness, say “Tumblr user pilgrimkitty offered a different perspective”

On July 27th, 2015, Nicole Clark, a 19-year-old Rochester trans woman of color, and her mother were brutally assaulted at the intersection of Monroe Avenue and Goodman Street. For several years, the transgender community has protested violence at this corner, and we are outraged that a blatantly transphobic attack happened here.

As of now, the police have arrested Abigail Hallowell and charged her with second-degree harassment. The other two suspects remain at large.

Yesterday (August 6) there was a huge rally to support Nicole and show support for the trans community in Rochester. #itwasahatecrime was one of the tags used for the event.

Nicole is doing well, and in good spirits after all the love and support she was shown. Please spread the word though. pilgrimkitty magickqueer zoe-cat transgirltumbling ramonajp ramonajp anulamou istandonsnowpiles kamerondarkwood

Happy Fic Writer Appreciation Day! Fic is a huge part of my life, whether I’m reading it, recommending it, writing it, or chatting about it. I never could have known two years ago when I joined the BBC Sherlock fandom that fan writing would become such a huge part of my life, but it is, and I couldn’t be gladder about that.

There are tons of fan writers that have influenced me a great deal over the course of my fandom writing journey. Whether they are writing great fic, offering great advice, or raising a great set of pompoms when nothing is going right (write? ahahaha gah okay I am a dork I know) they make fandom a fun, creative, and supportive place to be, and I’m happy to honor and recommend them today. These are some of the fantastic writers I keep up with; I hope you’ll give them a follow too.

Root Cellar Writers:

alyacta ; anomalagous ; bfab11 ; bleep0bleep ; bootsnblossoms ; debbiejterp ; differintegrate ; fandumbgirl ; fightyourdragon ; gala0apples ; hedwig-dordt ; hobroseyberry ; kissofflame ; ladybubblegum ; maliaskittles ; maramcgregor ; marveldogsofwar ; neverrwhere ; rashaka ; rehfan ; roane72 ; runicscribbles ; screaming-towards-apotheosis ; tofixtheshadows ; wintergrey

A - Z

acaranna ; affectingly ; alphateeth ; ameliaproblems ; amorremanet ; amythe3lder ; archie-ives ; ave-malia ; beautifullyheeled ; bisexuallydia ; dinosaurswearingdior ; dirtycorzaharkness ; doctornerdington ; earlgreytea68 ; eeyore9990 ; elandrialore ; elasticella ; elfysparkles88 ; ellioop ; estraeven ; gingerhermit ; halerogerrs ; havingbeenbreathedout ; hiddenlacuna ; holmesianpose ; hushjustlookpretty ; ipoiledi ; kedgeree11 ; ladysciles ; lexxxwasniahc ; lozenger8 ; malieatate ; mildredandbobbin ; missoj ; momomomma2 ; moonblossom ; morallyunequivocal ; nautilicious ; otterystmarymorstan ; packleaderscottmccall ; patternofdefiance ; peterhaleforalpha ; pictures-to-prove-it ; pilgrimkitty ; pocketlass ; poisontaster ; popunkscott ; provocatrixxx ; pterawaters ; queerhawkeye ; queerlyalex ; queertrees ; raekencall ; redscudery ; renntastic ; reserve ; robokittens ; rootingformephistopheles ; rosewindow ; rrrowr ; saranghaeshinee ; savingsciles ; scilydia ; scottmccbooty ; scottmcslut ; scottmczall ; scottsredhoodie ; scottstilesliam ; scottybae ; seriousshit88 ; shinysherlock ; sierbane ; snogandagrope ; static-abyss ; stilesstilinskimccall ; supernatasha ; theodoreraeken ; thorinoakentwig ; tomato-greens ; trashstiles ; tswizzin ; tylerposeyeatingmybone ; vigilantelawyers ; violethuntress ; waning-croissant ; wearitcounts ; whatthehalefire ; wtfzurtopic ; xproskeith ; zaynsclapback ; zcinmalik

Thank all of you for sharing your words with us.

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Do you know of any fics where Steve and/or Bucky are invited to guest lecture or talk at a college, or talk to historians or give a Ted Talk/history lecture? Anything like that?

Guest lectures:

Living History: a Ten-Part Talk with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes by radialarch

tin soldiers by idrilka           

Steve Rogers Might Wear Tights, but He’s Not Your Pin-Up Girl by RosaLui, what_alchemy

Helping people with their dissertations:

took my love, took it down by LaughsAtThunder

A Face Built For Gettin’ Punched by bomberqueen17   

Update: we’ve been reminded of another series featuring two guest lectures.

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Do you have any feelings/opinions about the "dearisaac" tag, and the fact that the official teen wolf tumblr is making light of Isaac's suffering? The fandom too. Everyone's talking about Isaac's scarves and his curls and how pretty he is, and all I can think of is that this boy who's suffered so much is suffering again.

teen wolf social media has literally given zero fucks over anything and has been untactful and obnoxious as hell

like they try to be witty and tumblry but miss their mark 100% of the time so like they’ve baited fandom over sterek, kill danny, a myriad of character abuses and have made abusive and unhealthy couples in teen wolf canon framed as otp4evers. like they need to take a page from orlando jones, and wake the fuck up and start interacting with fandom properly and with tact

Fic: Scott/Jackson, "Phantom Memories and Incompetent Dads"

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Jackson goes into heat during a blue moon and Scott knocks him up and they have adorable Scackson babies

[Er, how’s about angsty preggers Jackson? I’m probably going to write a fluffy sequel at some point …]

Scott can’t be sure what’s worse: the horror that crosses Jackson’s face, the betrayal on Allison’s, or the realization that—oh god—he’s a dad. Or going to be, Deaton claims as Jackson rests a trembling hand over his stomach. For a moment, no makes eye contact, no one breathes, then there’s a choked sob and Allison’s storming out the door in a flurry of hair and angry tears. Scott instinctively makes to go after her, but then Jackson’s making a distressed sound of his own, burying his head in his hands.

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Would you do a Triad Verse snippet with Scott and Stiles as boyfriends instead of brothers? Maybe something before they ever find a third?

Stiles takes the cookie Mrs. McCall gives him, taking a bite and pretending it tastes as good as the ones his mom used to make. “Scott’s up in his room,” Penny says, handing Stiles a giant glass of milk.

Stiles takes it and escapes up the stairs. He bursts into Scott’s room without knocking, saying, “I think your Mima is trying to fatten me up.” Stiles closes the door behind him.

Sitting up in his bed, Scott rolls his eyes. “At least it’s better than your Pop giving me the stink eye whenever I’m over at your house.”

Stiles winces and drops down onto Scott’s bed, some of the milk sloshing onto his hand. “I may have told my parents that you did some of the shit I actually did. Pop believed me, Dad didn’t.”

Sighing, Scott says, “You gotta stop lying to your folks! One day something big is gonna happen, and they’re not going to believe you.”

“Whatever.” Stiles scoffs. Then he sets down his milk and wiggles his eyebrows at Scott. “Wanna make out?”

A slow grin spreads over Scott’s face. “Yeah. Yeah, sure.”

Stiles gets up on his knees and crawls over to straddle Scott. “You’re gonna have to up your game, McCall. Last time, I didn’t have any hickeys. I looked like a loser all day at school. How’re we gonna find a third if everyone thinks we’re dorks who can’t figure out how to make out properly?”

Scott laughs, pulling Stiles down on top of him. “But, you are a dork.”

“Shut up,” Stiles replies, pressing his lips to Scott’s.

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In reference to the ask you got earlier, it's never appropriate to wear religious order costuming unless you have taken the vows to earn the costuming. Whether you're talking about Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Kriya Yoga, etc.. If you haven't taken the vows to wear the robes, don't wear the robes. It's an insult to the people who've made those vows their life's purpose. At least, that's my opinion on the matter.

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Do you have any "Stiles is a supernatural creature" recs?

yes! i have a ton all on the master list. <3

i went through and found them but they’re all there on the list…

at this point, it’s more like, what kind of supernatural creature?