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Imagine Dean in the bunker, going through food blogs on a laptop because he finally has a kitchen and funds and he can learn how to cook like he's always wanted.


Imagine him finally being able to cook something not in a microwave or using a coffee machine.

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Do you know of any fics where Steve and/or Bucky are invited to guest lecture or talk at a college, or talk to historians or give a Ted Talk/history lecture? Anything like that?

Guest lectures:

Living History: a Ten-Part Talk with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes by radialarch

tin soldiers by idrilka           

Steve Rogers Might Wear Tights, but He’s Not Your Pin-Up Girl by RosaLui, what_alchemy

Helping people with their dissertations:

took my love, took it down by LaughsAtThunder

A Face Built For Gettin’ Punched by bomberqueen17   

Update: we’ve been reminded of another series featuring two guest lectures.

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Do you know of any fics where Steve and/or Bucky are invited to guest lecture at college or give historical interviews or Ted Talks?

The only ones i can think of are these two:

Practically an Avenger 

The second coolest thing about being friends with an Avenger is that you get to use the Avengers Discount when you’re standing in line with said Avenger at Starbucks.
The third coolest thing about being friends with an Avenger is that you can bribe said Avenger to let you interview Captain Futzing America himself for your college term paper, and if that doesn’t impress Kate Bishop’s hardass European History professor even a little bit, she doesn’t know what will.

Steve Rogers Might Wear Tights, but He’s Not Your Pin-Up Girl

Bucky enrolls in a college course about Captain America. It doesn’t go well.

I would love to read more fics like this desperatly, followers, any of you got anything more?


our pals @stucky-ficrecs put together their own post for the same ask recently, take a look!

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Do you have any feelings/opinions about the "dearisaac" tag, and the fact that the official teen wolf tumblr is making light of Isaac's suffering? The fandom too. Everyone's talking about Isaac's scarves and his curls and how pretty he is, and all I can think of is that this boy who's suffered so much is suffering again.

teen wolf social media has literally given zero fucks over anything and has been untactful and obnoxious as hell

like they try to be witty and tumblry but miss their mark 100% of the time so like they’ve baited fandom over sterek, kill danny, a myriad of character abuses and have made abusive and unhealthy couples in teen wolf canon framed as otp4evers. like they need to take a page from orlando jones, and wake the fuck up and start interacting with fandom properly and with tact

Fic: Scott/Jackson, "Crazy Good"

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Jackson is obsessed with Scott’s ass.

Somehow, even after two months, sex with Jackson continues to be completely and utterly mind-blowing. And, Scott just doesn’t get it. Oh, of course making love with Allison never, ever stopped being good, not with the way her mouth moved against his, her fingers through his hair, and she was his first. But it wasn’t anything like this. Not once did she ever throttle the orgasm out of him like Jackson does every single time with grinding and clenching and biting and—ugh. God.

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Do you have any "Stiles is a supernatural creature" recs?

yes! i have a ton all on the master list. <3

i went through and found them but they’re all there on the list…

at this point, it’s more like, what kind of supernatural creature?

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So, as a mentally ill person who's been in in-patient treatment and rehab and psych hospitals, I quite like headcanoning psych hospital/treatment center/rehab AUs. But I get violently angry when I stumble upon them written by neurotypical people and/or people who've never been in treatment.

yeah obvs its a completely different story if it;s something you’ve experienced and you have every right to make those posts

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What do you imagine the AIDS crisis looked like in the triadverse? In a world where sex is less taboo and m/m sex is widely accepted as normal, would the Reagan administration have refused to look into the disease? Would they have gotten funding faster? More research? Faster results without people dragging their feet?

There definitely wouldn’t have been such a stigma. My headcanon for triad verse is that most people have a same-sex partner during adolescence, and usually up until they’re about ready to settle down and get married. Like you mentioned, this probably would’ve led to the disease being in the news as soon as it was discovered, instead of being ignored. 

Right away, there would’ve been huge public safety initiatives to get people to have sex. After all, the majority of the public officials would’ve been in the type of relationship heavily hit by AIDS when they were young. And, their sons would’ve been in those relationships at the time. The fear would’ve been far more universal.

I imagine there would’ve been more of a push to keep sexual activities confined within those adolescent pairs or within committed triads, especially after the free-love movements of the 60′s and 70′s, when some people eschewed the idea of life-long fidelity within a triad.

How about you followers? Anyone with more knowledge of the history of the AIDS crisis? What do you think would happen.

Omegaverse sexualities. Left column is attracted to the top row. Colors indicate how accepted these attractions are in society; green is most accepted, red is not accepted at all. The stigma against non-alpha/omega or beta/beta pairs is the reason that almost all official matings are alpha/omega or male beta/female beta.

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So I'm not the only one who's pissed off that Butters, who never showed any faith, got the sword of faith?

Not even close. Like, apparently it counted as faith to go out there when he was almost certainly gonna die, but I’m calling bullshit on that. I’m so angry about that that it’s made me retroactively like butters less, that’s how much it pissed me off. It made my anger go back in time