This is my Pokemon Go bag. Pepper likes that it has his cheeks.


So I don’t post much of this nature on here but today I got alerted to this, I company that I have previously worked for, shouting abuse at POKEMON GO users. 

I’ll confess the reasons I left this company was due to vile hate of my sexual orientation and their treatment of other ethnicities, religions, sexualities and even genders. That’s a story for another day, also equally awful, but right now I think this might be the thing that finally draws some attention to their behavior.

While I myself confess I’m not a huge fan of Pokémon Go this kind of abuse is unacceptable. This needs to be brought to attention. Please, I ask of you now go onto their Facebook Page, spread this like wildfire so the managers do something about it,or better still, face to consequences of it, because right now, they’re just laughing and that is not okay. Not ever.  

Here are the links to the Facebook page of the company, please let them know that this is never okay.

There’s also a video tumblr wouldn’t let me directly post at this link: