Pikachu Variations

In honor of Pokemon RBY being released on 3DS this past week, here are some Pikachu variations! Can you guess which version I got? :3

I’ve been dying to do xDedenne since they have such similar designs in the first place, interesting how it makes Pikachu look more mouse-like! The row of “pink” variations was particularly fun to work on, especially that 10000% adorable xSkitty omg. xJigglypuff is often mistaken for a Pokedoll! I also couldn’t resist xMawile because I love mouths.

Fun Fact about xCyndaquil: This Pikachu variation looks like it has the fire dots from its parent Cyndaquil, but they are actually electric sacs like the ones in Pikachu’s face! It short circuits the electricity in its body by touching its tail to those sacs, thereby allowing this variation to learn Fire moves!

EDIT 4/18/2016: Pikachu Libre Variations at this link!

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China’s Ili pika is going extinct

This small mammal is in extreme danger of going extinct. The Ili pika, a tiny creature that can be found in the the Tianshan mountain range in the Xinjiang region of China, was discovered by conservationist Li Weidong in 1983. According to Weidong, less than 1,000 of these mammals exist. And yes it should remind you of that other famous Pika.

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